Can I get pregnant unexpectedly after taking contraceptives?

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Regarding the question of when it is suitable for having children, different people have different answers, but when we decide to ask for children, we must make a lot of preparations. Similarly, when we don’t plan to ask for children, we will make some preparations. ThenIt is the measure of contraception.Recently, a fan mother encountered something annoying. She had already given birth to a child. The first child was a boy, but she always wanted a girl, so she wanted to return to a childEssenceTherefore, in the same room, the two have always taken contraceptive measures, either a condom or a contraceptive pill.

However, recently this fan mother unexpectedly found that she was pregnant. I thought it must be a problem of contraceptives. Then the problem came. After taking contraceptives, I found that she was pregnant. Can this baby still want it?

What is contraceptive?

Contraceptive pills generally refer to the indicator contraceptive pills. The principle of contraceptives mainly inhibit ovulation and changes cervical mucus, making it difficult for sperm to penetrate, or reduce the manufacturing of liver sugar in the uterine gland, make the blastocyst not survive, or change the uterusAnd fallopian tube activity methods to prevent the transportation of fertilized eggs.It is always a drug that makes sperm eggs unable to combine fertilized eggs to achieve the purpose of contraceptives.

Will you not get pregnant after taking contraceptives?

Generally speaking, the efficiency of emergency contraceptives for contraceptives is about 80%, which means that about 20%will still get pregnant after taking contraceptives.Therefore, it is not necessary to get pregnant after taking contraceptives.

But once you are pregnant, can this baby ask?

If it is left, I am afraid that the baby’s body will be defective; but if it is abortion and not willing to the baby, I am also worried that there will be some damage to the body and worry that it will affect the future conception.

Will contraceptives definitely cause fetal baby deformity?

We know that the contraceptive pills we take are taken within 72 hours after the same room. Generally speaking, the time for the fertilized eggs 24 to 72 hours after the same room, and the fertilized eggs are in bed for 7 days.Within 2 weeks after fertilization, the embryo is just an unfinished cell group. At this time, the effect of any drug on the fetus will only occur in two cases.One is to directly affect the baby’s baby, which causes the baby to die directly and miscarriage; the other is that there is no impact, and the drug has no effect on the health of the baby.

Pigeon reminder: If you have a mother who wants your baby, you can get pregnant after you find that you have taken birth control pills, you only need to conduct a general medical examination during pregnancy.

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