Can I have a baby without a deposit?

Today, society is an era that needs money everywhere and cannot be separated from money!It seems that there is no certain economic foundation without considering life and childhood events such as marriage!So can you really not consider your baby without a deposit?Today, I will tell you with personal experience that you can have a baby without deposit!

I was a post -90s of the moonlight. In one morning in 2016, I discovered that I was pregnant!At that moment, he was particularly panicked and confused!The target and I are still in the stage of renting a house. Both of them are moonlight, and no deposit is guaranteed to be maintained from a stable job!I decided to get a fetal!So I started to make an appointment for the hospital. During the process of making an appointment, I experienced five failures. Either the doctor did not come or I was late!Because I still have to work, it will be delayed to more than 1 month!The object said to leave this child!Because I have done twice before and one abortion before. If the object considers the problem of whether my body can give birth in the future, I decided to leave the child!I also agreed with a half -hearted and half -hearted consent!

I started the pregnancy course like this. Although I still don’t know what kind of life I will face, I am still happy to think of being a mother!

Because of the reason for the work of work, I resigned and chose to be at home. I felt too boring and painful for 15 days!

I also searched a lot of work online.Either inappropriate or not, you can’t be competent, and in the end it is gone!

A amazing idea of "I want to start a business" appeared from my mind. I thought about setting up the stalls. The circle of friends was selling goods. I found that these are not my specialty, and what is my specialty?

"Beauty", a trainer who has been engaged in 8 years of beauty industry, so I decided to open a beauty salon very firmly!

Opening a store beauty salon is definitely a nightmare for my Moonlight tribe, so I plan to open a small beauty studio!So I found a house downstairs. With the help of the intermediary, I found a small apartment of 50 square meters, with a monthly rent of 1700!

The location of the apartment is particularly good. The elevator door is free to enter and exit. The surroundings are high -end communities such as Vanke. Many high -end office buildings, government buildings, I am particularly satisfied. I know that this is God in secret!

The house was fired, so I started to set up beauty supplies and instruments. Because not too much money, I bought 3 beds in second -hand, bought 2 instruments, simple coffee tables, water dispenser

15960 joined 2 projects, a brand of freckle and acne problem -based skin therapy, and a body conditioning energy essential oil brand. Of course, I loan 40,000 in the middle, which is a small loan!It took 3800 to be a Meituan and Public comment platform

All the investment is less than 40,000, so I started the journey of entrepreneurship!Since all of my customers from the apartment store are from the Meituan Public Comment Network, I specially serve each customer and operate it with a box product.I never use basic oil products, etc. In addition, I have the technical experience of 8 years of beauty trainers. The chance of running a card after the customer experience is high. I sold 10,000 in the first month. Later, there were more and more customers.I just recruit an employee!I did n’t have any discomfort throughout my pregnancy, so I was busy in the store in the store to the hospital. During this period, I also personally made the body for customers and lost weight.Grade, pregnant women can also use it, so I have always served customers!I gave birth to for 3 hours. I just lay down on the bed after I was dizzy. I took a bath and makeup to work in the shop in the afternoon!

Yes.I didn’t have confinement. During this period, I had two responsibilities!The first responsibility is "child". I have to make money to support him. The second "responsibility" is that I must run the store well!Because I ca n’t confine these two responsibilities, because I am no reliable, that is, there are no parents for both parents and no deposit support!I have to work!

For the better operation of the store, I invited an aunt to help me see the child, January 2500!Because the shop was not so busy at first, the aunt just helped the child when I was busy, so the salary was only 2,500. After I continued until February, I quit my aunt out and put the child in the shop during the day.

He took home to take care of it at night. His father had to repay the loan. In order to give the child a better quality of life, he chose to work in Beijing. Beijing’s salary was three times that of Shenyang, so I agreed to let him go!Because I really lack money!So I took my child for 24 hours by myself!In the middle, you ask me to be tired, but I’m actually tired, so tired that I often cry

I often complain, anger, and all these emotions in negative, but there are also a lot of movements in the middle, such as the cute and handsome babies like mixed race, such as the care and support of me during my pregnancy. These have made me verymove!

The days when I work with my baby and the side have continued until now

In 2020, my son went to kindergarten, and my store also extended from 50 square meters to more than 100 square meters. I bought a small house of 65 square meters!A 100,000 car, all of which are things I dare not imagine!I often lament God’s love for this, what he gave me really beyond what I want!Thank God!Intersection

I also want to thank the little angel "baby".It was because of his arrival that I had the motivation to fight for life!

So even if the Moonlight clan, you can have a baby if you have no deposit!Because this is a gift from God, you receive this gift, and there will be more and more gifts!Legend has it that each little angel is prepared to live on his own rations!

I often joked to people and said, "My car, beauty shop, and the house are all my son sent me" haha

I am very happy that you can see here. From the article, you can clearly see that my notes are very hasty, because at this time there is a handsome and lovely baby around me who calls me to see the surprise he prepared for me ~ The building block ship he made

My son said, "Mom closed his eyes. I want to surprise you!"

Yes, you gave me a lot of surprises!

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