Can I have reappeared after ligation?

Do you know how wide 0.5mm is?

Almost a few hair shreds

Diameter tied together

Some people have to be in such a narrow space


Is it incredible?

1. Do you have a chance to have a chance after ligation?

Have the opportunity.Moms who have ligated and have regeneration requirements. If you want to complete the birth dream, you only need to perform a fallopian tube resume surgery.

2. What is fallopian tubal reciprocity?

Vollaration of fallopian tubes refers to the surgery that connects the fallopian tubes (such as ligation) or pathological breakdown and is unblocked.EssenceWhile anastomosis, the scar tissue or inflammation part after ligation will also be removed, which protects and retains normal tissue and organs to the greatest extent.

3. What is laparoscopic fallopian tubal reciprocity?

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgery. It does not need to be operated. It only needs to open three small holes that grow like a "keyhole" next to the navel.

This operation has the advantages of small trauma, fast recovery, and less complications. Especially women with many abdominal surgery can avoid the trauma of the abdomen again.

The fallopian tube is a thin and long tube. The ligation part is generally a tubal gorge, and the gorge is only 0.5mm diameter. Therefore, the operation is more fine and difficult.Keep the length of the fallopian tube, otherwise the patient cannot conceive even if the fallopian tube is unobstructed.Therefore, surgery requires higher suture techniques for the master.

4. How long can I prepare for pregnancy after surgery?Bleak

Laparoscopic fallopian tubes are resumed and after correct conditioning.Preparation can be prepared in about one month after surgery.

5. How high is hope for the second child after resurgence?

This is related to the success rate of surgery and the rate of pregnancy.At present, the internal pregnancy rate of interception harem reports in China is mostly between 80%and 90%.But there are individual differences.The postoperative pregnancy rate is related to the fertility of women and men. If the fertility is normal, the pregnancy rate is naturally high. If there is a problem, the pregnancy rate is naturally lower.(Yi Hui)

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