Can I have the same room during pregnancy?Doctor: Not only can it, there are these benefits to the fetus

Many women will become careful after pregnancy. They are worried that some behaviors of their own behaviors will affect the fetus. Cosmetics will not be applied, and the hot pot that loves to eat will not eat.Just blindly holding.In fact, not only can there be "husband and wife life" during pregnancy, but also has many benefits to pregnant mothers and fetuses.

When I was pregnant, my colleagues also consulted the doctor specifically for this. The doctor suggested that in fact, the husband and wife can properly live the husband and wife life in the middle of pregnancy, and it also has many benefits to fetal development.So what are the benefits of being a husband and wife life during pregnancy?

1. It is conducive to the delivery of mothers

In fact, the life of husband and wife can also be equivalent to exercise. For mothers during pregnancy, do not do exercise at all to not hurt the baby. In fact, appropriate exercise can make the mother’s pelvic cavity better relax.More smooth.After exercise, the muscles in the basin also have some benefits for postpartum recovery.

2. You can make your baby healthier

Although it is something between husband and wife life during pregnancy, in fact, after the husband and wife live, the mother’s mood will become more pleasant, and it will also reduce the pressure and tension during pregnancy. For the fetus,The mother’s mood is good, and the baby’s mood will become better.

When pregnant, if pregnant women feel stressful, irritable, or other unstable emotions, it will secrete adrenaline physically. After these hormones are absorbed by the baby through the placentaA good impact.

3. Promote the relationship between husband and wife

In the process of husband and wife, through intimate actions, the love between husband and wife will be more strong, and the mood of both sides will become more pleasant, especially for mothers during pregnancy. While accepting the love of her husband, the mother’s mood will also beBe happy, and the life between husband and wife will become harmonious.

Because more estrogen and progesterone will be secreted during pregnancy, these hormones have a great impact on mothers’ emotions, which will make the mothers fluctuate greatly.Good mood, this is good for both babies and pregnant women.

Pregnancy is a very special period for both husband and wife. During pregnancy, the mood is good, and the relationship will be closer; if it is not well handled, it is the big "killing device" in marriage.Pay special attention to each other’s feelings during pregnancy, and we cannot just meet the needs of one of them.It is should be more to take care of his wife, but his wife should not ignore her husband’s physiological and psychological demands.

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