Can I live a husband and wife after pregnancy?The answer is okay, but pay attention to the following points

Ms. Wang and her husband, Mr. Li, have been married for two years, because they grew up together since they were young. They belonged to the young bamboo horse. The parents of the two were blessing for their marriage.But recently, Ms. Wang was not very happy, because the two parents urged her and her husband to have children.Ms. Wang and her husband did not live with their parents after their marriage. Instead, they bought a two -person world who had a closer to the two companies.In the past two years, the husband and wife have also been very sweet, so Ms. Wang actually didn’t want to have children now.

But considering that Ms. Wang is 28 years old, if she has a child after 30 years of age, her body is not easy to recover.Moreover, the parents of both sides did urge tightly, so Ms. Wang and her husband discussed were preparing for pregnancy.

Ms. Wang and her husband are in good health. After 3 months, Ms. Wang checked that she was pregnant for almost a month.After learning that Ms. Wang was pregnant, the parents of both sides attached great importance to this and moved to the two people’s house to take care of Ms. Wang and prepare daily meals for Ms. Wang.

But Ms. Wang’s husband, Mr. Li, was not very happy. Originally, his wife was pregnant, and Mr. Li was also very happy.After all, it is the crystallization of love with his wife, and the first child of the two. Mr. Li, who was the father, could not be happy.However, since Ms. Wang’s pregnant parents and Ms. Wang guarded him like a thief, they did not allow him and Ms. Wang to be close. He obviously asked the doctor, and his family and Ms. Wang were still not allowed.After being rejected several times, Mr. Li gave up.

In fact, Ms. Wang was not very happy. Her parents always told her that they had to take the child as the focus, let them tolerate, and don’t hurt the child.Ms. Wang, who was the first mother, naturally rejected Mr. Li’s closeness to his parents’ words. After several rejection, Mr. Li stopped mentioning.However, Ms. Wang was even more worried that she was always able to derail her husband who was able to brush on the Internet. After Mr. Li no longer expressed his wanting to get close to her, she was even more worried.And this concern has completely reached its peak after finding that someone sends illegal obscene information advertisements to Mr. Li’s mobile phone.

So can my wife live a husband and wife after pregnancy?

The answer is okay, but pay attention to the following points

First, pay attention to hygiene.In addition to the personal hygiene cleaning of the private parts, we must also pay attention to the cleanliness of the hand.If you do not clean your hand with sex organs, it will also cause bacterial infections.If the private part is not cleaned in place, it will cause vaginitis, and vaginitis can easily cause retrograde infections, infection in the fetus, and premature birth.And vaginitis during pregnancy will be relatively single, so it is difficult to cure

Second, the foreplay should not be too intense.Some pregnant women will cause abdominal swelling due to excessive stimulation.Therefore, the foreplay should not be too long and too intense.

Third, choose the position that is not easy to compress the abdomen.To choose a pregnant woman, she feels not hard, and her abdomen is not pressured. She can tolerate her own way to avoid compressing the abdomen and affecting the state of the fetus in the abdomen.

Fourth, the first three months of pregnancy cannot be.In the first three months of pregnancy, the embryo bed was unstable, and the placenta had not yet grown. After the same room, it was easy to stimulate the uterine contraction, resulting in a threatened abortion manifestation of bleeding and abdominal pain.

Fifth, the next two months of pregnancy cannot be.In the same room for two months of pregnancy, it is easy to cause threatened premature birth, and even premature fetal membrane.Sixth, the man needs to wear safety equipment.When the same room is in the same room, you must bring a sleeve to prevent the semen from entering the vagina and stimulate the cervix to induce contractions.

Seventh, about once a week.

The birth of life is cautious, because they are too fragile, as if they will lose them as long as they make a small mistake.But pregnancy is never the wife’s business. Both sides must keep their children’s minds and minds of happiness, rather than psychological and physical entanglement and contradictions.

The intimate behavior during pregnancy will also make the relationship between the couple closer.Therefore, as long as you consult the doctor carefully, you should pay attention to what you should pay attention to in detail, then it is part of the daily life of the prospective parents without injury, and there is no need to be excessive restrictions.

I hope that expectant parents are also intimate lovers during pregnancy, and happily greet the baby’s arrival together!


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