Can I live sex during pregnancy?Now you are embarrassed to see, the baby is embarrassed to be born in the future

Guide: For couples who are already pregnant, there will be such a problem of such a problem during pregnancy, that is, after women are pregnant, can there be a sexual life between husband and wife, because if it is the whole pregnancyIf you solve physiological needs, it will also have a certain impact on both husband and wife.So can you live sex during pregnancy?

In fact, this problem generally knows a little bit. The first three months of pregnancy is a dangerous period during pregnancy. Women are not stable in the placenta and are particularly easy to fall off. Therefore, it is not recommended to have sexual life between husband and wife at this time.And in the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women will have early pregnancy reactions. At this time, the desire of pregnant mothers will decrease. Only by the middle of pregnancy, due to the influence of progesterone and hormones, the desire of pregnant women will rise.It is recommended to take the sexual life between husband and wife without adverse reactions.

Therefore, after entering the second trimester, the fetal development has gradually stabilized. At this time, the husband and wife can arrange the same room reasonably, but the number of times in the same room should not be too frequent.Stop immediately, if you have symptoms of abdominal pain or bleeding, go to the hospital for examination in time.

After entering the third trimester, the pregnant woman’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, and it is getting closer to the childbirth period. At this time, in order to ensure that the fetus is healthy, it is best for couples to not have the same room.

At the same time, the hygiene of two people must be done between couples during pregnancy, especially men must bring condoms, which can prevent infection during pregnancy.In order to protect the health of the fetus, two people must clean the reproductive organs to prevent bacterial viruses from entering pregnant women.

But not all husbands and wives can have rooms. Some people may not be suitable for the same room. For exampleIn the same room, there will be a lot of risks in the same room, which can easily lead to lack of oxygen and suffocation in the child. There is also a mother in the early and third trimester of pregnancy. Do n’t live a husband and wife, which is prone to accident.

Therefore, it is possible to generate physiological needs during pregnancy, but it is also necessary to avoid accidents according to the physical conditions of both husband and wife and ensuring the safety and health of the fetus.

Well, the above is all the contents of the sexual life during pregnancy that are answered by pregnant mothers.Although there are no special requirements for the husband and wife room during pregnancy, for the health of the baby and pregnant mothers, the men and women are better not to have a husband and wife room in the first three months of pregnancy, and it cannot be too frequent.The safety of the baby is the most important.

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