Can I raise dogs during pregnancy?This question that so many people are questioned

Before I was pregnant, my mother -in -law gave me an instruction and had to send the dog away.Hearing this sentence, I really feel angry in my heart. What does it have to do with the dog?Later, I learned that many of my relatives and friends did not raise pets at home. Intake various ideas in front of my mother -in -law. For example, nourishing pets affect pregnancy, and pets can cause babies to develop bad development.I was both worried and heart -hearted, so I had various information on the Internet on the Internet, but each had their own opinions.

My card was raised by my mother in my hometown before, because the business at home did not do it. When I came to work in Suzhou, there was no place to raise it.It is impossible for me to discard a living life, because my mother -in -law may care about me, and I do n’t know much about pets. In addition, rural thoughts, so I also give my mother to instill the thoughts that cannot raise dogs.My mother almost gave my Kaka.I resolutely asked to leave the Kaka beside me and raise it in myself.

When Kaka just arrived in my house

Kaka accompanies the owner to lose weight and lose weight from 140 pounds to 98 pounds

Can you raise it?Let me introduce the arches: Gow -shaped insect disease, also known as toxoplasma, is a common disease caused by human and animals caused by the rigid bow -shaped worm.It is widely parasitic in the nuclear cells of humans and animals.The distribution of bow -shaped worms is particularly extensive. Almost all animals may be infected with toxoplasma, not cats and dogs, like chickens, ducks, fish and mutton at home.Dogs are not the main host of Toxoplasma.Cats are the ultimate host of Toxoplasma. They are mainly discharged from the body through cat fecal stools. In this case, they can also raise cats, because the pregnant owner is not a problem as long as the cat does not contact the cat’s stool.When we touch the cat, clean up the stool for the cat, or drink water contaminated by the egg -shaped worm, eat the fruits that are not washed, and the raw meat that is not cooked.Infected.

Gow -shaped examination report form

So don’t want the dog anymore, they are really wronged.Infertility in a gang -shaped worm in a foreign pregnant woman, the doctor will first think of whether the pregnant woman has left leftovers or the leftovers that are not cooked, not the pets at home.Many families do not have pets or have the probability of being infected by sending pets because of pregnancy, because they accidentally eat unclean things. This situation really needs to be noted. Pregnancy is not a simple matter.

Life is so difficult. If one loves you, always accompany your little pet around you, you will comfort your heart a lot.Thank you for playing with me at the time of my pregnancy, making me feel much better.

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