Can I really have pets when I am pregnant?

Some netizens often ask me a question. I heard that pet -raising can cause abortion of pregnant women and cause fetal malformations. Is it true?

In fact, the abortion of pregnant women and causing fetal malformations are caused by the toxoplasma.If there is a bow in the body of the pet, once the pregnant mother is infected, it will indeed cause miscarriage, fetal malformations, and even dead fetuses.Families raising pets are indeed very common now. Do you really have to say goodbye to your pets after pregnancy?

Let’s take a look at the relationship between hormone and our pets?

So far, cats are the only animal that can eventually be discharged from the hoe.But only after eating food, water or dust contaminated by cat feces can it be infected.And the toxoplasma eggs will be contagious after 24 hours of development, so as long as the cat dung is treated in time, it can be avoided.

Dog’s feces and saliva will not contain parasites such as bow -shaped worms.Gow -shaped worms are mainly in the blood and muscles of the dog. Human beings can infected the Toxoplasma worm.

How do pregnant women stay away from Toxoplasma?

Toxoplasma testing is performed in three months before pregnancy. If the mother has been infected with a bow -shaped worm before pregnancy, it will not be dangerous to the fetus after treatment (experts recommend that women infected with toxoplasma can be pregnant after 6 months).If you have not been infected with a hormone before pregnancy, and you have not injected the vaccine, you should pay attention to the reciprocity of each period of pregnancy, and regularly test your pet test to check whether the infection of the toxoplasma.

Pay attention to pet care

Pay attention to sanitation and pets, clean up pet feces every day, do not let cats go out, do not feed raw meat, don’t let them prey outside.It is best to feed the finished cat food, pet supplies regularly, and regularly injection of vaccines.Temporarily do not adopt stray cats, especially kittens, and no new cats are raised after pregnancy.

But it is very intimate

Pregnant women avoid excessive intimate moves with pets: do not kiss, sleep together, eat at the same table, etc. After touching pets, remember to wash your hands frequently.

Keep hygiene habits

To maintain the sanitary condition at home, it is best for pregnant women not to directly contact the excrement of pets to avoid contact with cat sand; water and soil contaminated by bow -shaped worms may also contaminate some fruits and vegetables. ThereforeClean or completely cooked.

The prospective mothers who raise pets, as long as they pursue science to raise pets, they must say goodbye to tears with their favorite cute pets!

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