Can I still exercise if I am pregnant?

Friends who usually like sports will have this question. Can I exercise if I am pregnant?In other words, some mothers are afraid that they can control the weight because they can’t control their weight during pregnancy, which leads to soaring weight, so she has the idea of wanting to exercise.Based on the experience of the people and the relevant information, I want to tell everyone that you can exercise if you are pregnant, but you must also depend on your actual situation.

After Tang Yixin’s pregnancy swimming photos burst out, most pregnant mothers will definitely feel envious.Yes, who is not envious of a pregnant mother who is good and full of vitality?It’s not enough to envy, let’s act!

First of all, if your physical strength and energy are abundant, you can perform some appropriate amount of operation activities.

Running is not recommended. Running is strenuous exercise. We are only suitable for some soothing exercises during pregnancy.

Yoga during pregnancy is a good choice.

However, I suggest that friends with better physical flexibility to perform this exercise. If you usually do not exercise, it may increase the pressure of his abdomen and cause a small impact on the fetus.

Swimming has to be said to be a good fat reduction exercise.The first three months are not recommended to swim, and the next two months are not recommended.4 to 7 months is a better exercise time. For friends who are better at pregnancy, you should also pay attention to whether there will be cramps on your feet during pregnancy. The time to control the swimming time is more appropriate to be within 20 minutes.

Moms who often take a walk during pregnancy, pay attention to proper water replenishment during the walking process.

In terms of diet, control can also achieve the purpose of weight control during pregnancy. Supplement more protein, eat less meals, and foods such as starch can be eaten less. Proper coarse grains, eat more vegetables and fruits.

I only got 12 pounds of fatter during pregnancy, but the fetus had 6 and a half pounds. It was really critical to control the diet. I ca n’t take too much sugar.

I hope everyone can be a beautiful mother -in -law, and give birth to a healthy little angel.

I am a mother engaged in the education industry. I hope my sharing can help friends in need.

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