Can I swim after pregnancy? What should pregnant women pay attention to?

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How happy it is to be happy to play with water in the hot summer, but it seems that it is getting farther and farther with swimming after pregnancy.We all know that swimming is a good exercise that is good for body and mind. Can mothers really only stay away during pregnancy?

Swimming can enhance the physique of pregnant women

During pregnancy, you need to be hungry, not only as simple as walking up and down stairs.Swimming can not only exercise the body, but also promote blood circulation of the whole body of pregnant women.Under the effect of water, relax the pressure of muscles and bones, and relax the body and mind of pregnant mothers.Women who often swim in during pregnancy will increase the chance of giving birth.

Can I swim during pregnancy?

In the middle of pregnancy, that is, the 5 months of pregnancy-7 months, it is right to exercise appropriately.In the middle of pregnancy, it is also known as the golden period of pregnancy. At this time, the pregnancy reaction decreases, and the burden on the body is not the heaviest. Moms can choose to exercise at this time.Swimming at this time is also relatively safe.

What should pregnant women pay attention to?

1. Choose a swimsuit with good elasticity

The swimsuit selected by pregnant mothers should be good at elasticity and pay attention to the quality. The amino amino content is higher than 18%, and the elasticity is qualified.The inferior swimsuit not only does not have the protective effect, but also may cause allergies for pregnant mothers.You can choose to cover the stomach (for pregnant women) swimsuits to better protect the pregnant belly.

2. Avoid peak hours

Pregnant mothers should try to avoid peak hours when swimming to avoid accidents.And when there are few people, the water quality of the pool will also improve and healthier.Choose the pool as much as possible to choose ozone and purify the pool, and the water temperature is stable at about 30 degrees.

3. Prepare anti -slip shoes

Pay attention to putting non -slip shoes at all times when you rest on the edge of the pool to prevent accidentally falling.The entry and exit pool is to tighten the handrail.

4. Specialized care

Pregnant mothers must be accompanied by a special person when swimming, and they cannot go swimming alone.And people with rich experience or professional knowledge are needed to be more secure.

5. You can swim, not suitable for large action swimming

Swimming is still a more energy -consuming exercise. Pregnant mothers mainly exercise in a soft swimming posture in the water. In addition, pregnant mothers cannot take up their breath for too long, which may cause hypoxia and affect the baby.Pregnant mothers avoid entering the deep -water area when swimming so that they can rest at any time.Pay attention to replenishing water during the swimming process.

Swimming is still very helpful for the health of pregnant mothers. You can choose such a method to exercise in summer!

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