Can I take medicine during pregnancy?The doctor said that these situations are okay, don’t grieve yourself anymore

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My cousin was pregnant for four months, and I have a cold these days.She thought that pregnant women could not take medicine, so she made her mother -in -law boil some ginger soup, but she didn’t see well and had a fever.So the family took her to the hospital to see a doctor, and then the doctor prescribed some medicine.However, my cousin did not dare to eat it. Although the doctor repeatedly emphasized that taking these cold medicines is okay, she still has no bottom.

So, can you take medicine during pregnancy?Do pregnant women have to carry hard?On the contrary, the illness of illness during pregnancy will affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses, but taking medicine is a kind of protection for the mother and child.Of course, taking medicine during pregnancy can cause fetal malformation, nor is it groundless.However, drug deformed must meet three conditions: First, the drugs taken have a certain teratogenic mode.Second, 3%-5%of pregnant women who have taken such drugs have birth defects.Third, the amount of taking is large, which is sufficient to cause malformations.

Moreover, according to the category of drugs during pregnancy during the American Food and Drug Administration, Class A drugs are safe for pregnant women. Pregnant women with type B drugs are used with careful indications.Decision whether to choose from the advantages and disadvantages, the D drug is to avoid applications for pregnant women, but if the advantages are used, it will be greater than the disadvantages.Under normal circumstances, the drugs we use daily are Class C.For medication during pregnancy, doctors will prescribe Class B and C to pregnant women.

Taking medicine during pregnancy is a very rigorous thing. When the doctor knows that the patient is a pregnant woman, the doctor will not prescribe drugs that can easily lead to deformity.Moreover, most doctors say that the following diseases that are common during pregnancy can take medicine, and pregnant mothers don’t wrong themselves.

Before 4 weeks of pregnancy, taking medicine has a small impact on the fetus

Before 4 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus was only a small embryo, and had not established blood supply to the pregnant mother, and the organs did not form. If taking medicine at this time had a small impact on the fetus.Therefore, if the pregnant mother has a cold, getting angry, headache, and dizziness during this period, if you ca n’t carry it, you can take medicine.But what kind of medicine is also divided, as long as it is not strictly prohibited by pregnant women.Specifically, doctors will help pregnant mothers control, so don’t worry too much about the problem of malformations that can cause the fetus.Of course, if the pregnant mother is really not assured, it is also possible to find some mild recipes recognized by doctors recognized by doctors within the scope that can be patient.

Severe pregnancy vomiting causes gastrointestinal disease

Although pregnancy vomiting is an early pregnancy reaction, if the pregnancy vomiting is severe, it can cause gastrointestinal disease, which can also be regarded as a common disease during pregnancy.We know that the nutrition required for fetal development is mainly provided by the mother’s body. If the pregnant mother is sick, the stomach cannot be eaten, and the stomach is very uncomfortable. Then the nutrition of it cannot be guaranteed. How can the fetus be maintained?Therefore, at this time, for the health and safety of the fetus, medication can be treated under the guidance of a doctor.Especially for the vomiting of pregnancy drama, not only the pregnant mother suffers, but the fetus may not be guaranteed.

The constipation is serious, affecting normal life

Constipation during pregnancy is the most embarrassing and embarrassing situation of pregnant mothers.Don’t think that this is not a disease, in fact, this is also a disease that affects the poor metabolism and hormone secretion of pregnant mothers during pregnancy.If constipation is severe, fetal abortion and premature birth will be triggered.In addition, if the situation is not treated in time, it will cause intestinal obstruction and threaten the safety of maternal and infants.

Therefore, you can take medicine when you encounter special circumstances during pregnancy. Do n’t be too aggrieved.

Pregnant mothers, have you taken medicine during pregnancy?


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