Can I test pregnancy a few days after the same room?After this period of time, it is not allowed!

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Auntie is here again!This is really disappointing for the expectant mothers who are preparing for pregnancy. Sometimes the aunt did not come and did not get pregnant. It was anxious.How many days can I test it in the end?

Generally speaking, early pregnancy tests can be performed by themselves 7-9 days after the same room. The early pregnancy test strip or pregnancy test stick can be used to test morning urine to test pregnancy. The longer the time after the same room, the more accurate.In short, after the same room, the earliest one week, about 3 weeks at the latest, you can measure whether you are pregnant.There are many ways to test the early pregnancy test. They test time is different.Common testing methods include early pregnancy test strips, body temperature examination, B -ultrasound examination, blood HCG testing, etc.

Pregnancy tests

The pregnancy test stick is a relatively simple and accurate way. The correct use time for the pregnancy test is 7-9 days after the intercourse. The detected urine is morning urine.The longer the time after the intercourse, the effect of the inspection is about accurate.If you want to see a more accurate test value, the best time is tested 9-15 days after the same room.Therefore, the best time is to take pregnancy self -test after two weeks late, so the result will be more accurate.

B ultrasound

B -ultrasound testing early pregnancy is generally delayed for about 1 week. You can go to the hospital for B -ultrasound to see if you are pregnant. If you can see the pregnancy halo under the B -ultrasound, you will show your pregnancy.

Blood HCG Test

Blood HCG testing whether you are pregnant can generally go to the hospital about 7-12 days after the same room to do blood HCG to check the content of blood HCG in the blood.At this time, the blood contains a high HCG value, and its accuracy is above 98%.

In the early stages of pregnancy, women will have early pregnancy reactions such as dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, and breast swelling. Generally, 10-15 days after pregnancy will begin to be obvious, and after three months, they will disappear by themselves.Therefore, if women have the above symptoms, they can use early pregnancy test strips and pregnancy test sticks to make preliminary pregnancy tests. You need to further confirm that you can go to the hospital for B -ultrasound or HCG testing.

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