Can I use skin care products for pregnancy?

Can you use skin care products during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, it is generally not recommended to use cosmetics. Moms must consider that some cosmetics can have adverse effects on the baby.The fetus obtains nutrition from the mother through the placenta. Some small molecular substances can also enter the fetus through the placenta, affecting the development of the fetus.Therefore, if the skin care products used by pregnant mothers contain chemical ingredients, heavy metals and other harmful substances, it is not good for the development of the fetus; but if the skin care products selected by the pregnant mother are pure natural and do not contain any harmful substances, the fetus will not be the fetus.Cause adverse effects.Therefore, pregnant women can also use skin care products, provided that it is necessary to choose skin care products with pure natural and non -harmful substances.

Skin care products that pregnant women can use

It is mainly to choose skin care products that are suitable for pregnant women and will not cause adverse effects on the fetus.So, what kind of skin care products are suitable for pregnant mothers, and it is not not conducive to the growth of fetal growth and development? Mainly the following two standards can be referred to.

1. Skin care products without harmful ingredients

Pregnant women use skin care products, and it is best to choose skin care products that may cause skin sensitivity or fetal danger of pregnant women without adding anything.In addition, ordinary skin care products used before pregnancy and some skin care products with whitening, acne, and freckle removal are not suitable for pregnant women. Instead, the basic skin care products dedicated to pregnant women should be used.In short, when choosing skin care products, the simpler the ingredients, the better the ingredients, and the more ingredients are added, the more they should pay attention to the role of their ingredients.

2. Skin care products with moisturizing and moisturizing function

There are all kinds of functions of skin care products, such as whitening and anti -aging. However, the more functions, the more complicated the ingredients, and it is not suitable for pregnant women.During pregnancy, the skin of the pregnant mother is sensitive, and the simpler the skin care products they use, the better, so when choosing skin care products, it should be biased to choose skin care products such as moisturizing and moisturizing, because such skin care products are usually simple and milder.,Safety.

Correctly select the method of pregnant women’s skin care products

1. Security

At present, many skin care products with heavy metals are also mixed in it.Some skin care products contain lead and mercury ingredients. Lead will cause fetal malformation to cause growth and intelligence, and mercury can cause fetal edema.Pregnant women should be based on the premise of safety and gentleness. It is best to choose products with more pure natural ingredients. Pay more attention to the selection of the product.

2. professionalism

Many pregnant women think that skin care products of infants and young children are safe, gentle, non -toxic and harmless.In fact, skin care products of infants and young children are mostly glycerin, which are designed for the unique skin characteristics of the baby, and cannot provide supplement to the moisture required by the skin of pregnant women.Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers choose professional pregnant women’s skin care products to maintain the skin. Skin care products for pregnant women generally focus on basic skin needs, such as hydration, moisturizing, and sun protection.

3. Natural nature

The ingredients are mainly natural raw materials, and the formula is as simple as possible.After the baby is born, the skin will start to "go downhill".If you don’t care well during pregnancy, the skin is likely to stop smooth and delicate.Skin care products must be small, so pure natural care products are the best choice

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