Can menstruation cause infertility?Doctor: Pay attention to these situations

Each female friend has a friend of the dear, that is, looking at your "big aunt" regularly every month, the relationship between her "big aunt" is very complicated, and she brings all kinds of inconveniences when visiting every month.It can also cause a variety of discomfort such as acne, irritability, and dysmenorrhea.

But one month she was naughty, and it was postponed in advance and a large amount, and many people would immediately be nervous, but they couldn’t help but want to ask: I seem to be irregular menstruation. What should I do?

Menstruation is important to each woman. How much do you know about it?Will menstruation cause infertility?

Menstruation is mainly mental factors. It has been in bad negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, nervousness, and panic for a long time, or in

After experiencing major spiritual setbacks and trauma, it may have an impact on the function of the hypothalamus and pituitary, causing endocrine disorders, causing abnormal ovarian function, and causing irregular menstruation.

Like staying up late, irregular work and rest, smoking and drinking, and then taking contraceptive pills and weight loss pills, it may lead to endocrine disorders.

Many people know that the menstrual cycle is not allowed to have a close relationship with ovulation, and when ovulation and ovulation are directly related to whether they will get pregnant.

Some women with irregular menstruation follow the menstrual cycle -ovulation -pregnancy, and intuitive menstruation will affect pregnancy.Baby … but!not like this!

In fact, irregular menstruation is actually just a symptom. Just like a fever, many reasons may cause fever. Most of the fever may only be a normal cold. Only a small part of the fever is caused by some serious diseases.

Irregular menstruation is also the same. It seems that the symptoms are the same, but the reason behind it is very different.

For example, mental stress, malnutrition, excessive weight or overweight, excessive diet, excessive diet, excessive exercise, contraceptives, certain diseases

These reasons may cause fluctuations in the menstrual cycle and cause irregular menstruation.

In these reasons, some may also cause infertility, such as polycystic ovary syndrome.

From a large number of clinical data, women with infertility generally have symptoms of irregular menstruation.It can be said that infertility is a signal of infertility to some extent, that is, there is one or several causes in the body that causes irregular menstruation or even infertility.

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