Can patients with hyperthyroidism get pregnant normally?

Patients with hyperthyroidism have not been treated well, ovarian function is abnormal, ovulation is irregular, and does not even ovulate. At this time, it is not easy to get pregnant and not suitable for pregnancy.Patients with hyperthyroidism have not been well controlled, and some patients have impotence and are not easy to get pregnant.However, there is no chance to get pregnant or conceive at all. A small number of hyperthyroidism can be pregnant and conceived during hyperthyroidism.Whether pregnancy can be pregnant has a lot to do with the severity of hyperthyroidism. Therefore, patients with hyperthyroidism should seriously cure the disease regardless of men and women. It is recommended to contraception during treatment.When the condition of hyperthyroidism has improved, male sexual function recovers, and women’s ovarian function is normal, only to get pregnant.Individual hyperthyroidism women are concerned about treating hyperthyroidism drugs to cause infertility or infertility, which is a misunderstanding.

As for whether patients with hyperthyroidism can get pregnant normally, it depends on the condition of hyperthyroidism: if the treatment of hyperthyroidism is not enough, although patients have ovulation, they can get pregnant, and they are prone to a series of problems such as abortion, premature birth, and slow fetal growth.Therefore, the key is that women with hyperthyroidism should seriously treat hyperthyroidism carefully and reasonably. After hyperthyroidism is cured, pregnancy is more ideal.Most patients with hyperthyroidism can be cured within 1 to 2 years. As long as they pay attention to arranging life reasonably, emotional stability, and maintaining physical and mental health. Most hyperthyroidism is not easy to relapse. At this time, it is possible to get a healthy baby.If due to age or other factors, during the treatment of hyperthyroidism, pregnancy is still planned, then you must first actively control hyperthyroidism. As long as the women’s menstrual cycle is normal and ovulation, it can be pregnant.If patients with hyperthyroidism have undergone surgical treatment, or after radioactive treatment, thyroid dysfunction (hypothyroidism) is caused, and amenorrhea and infertility will often occur.The thyroid function is normal to get pregnant normally.Hypertrophic women review the thyroid function in endocrine or internal medicine after pregnancy, and adjust the use of medicine to keep the thyroid function normal.At the same time, a prenatal examination is performed on a schedule. Pay attention to the condition of the fetus and mother to prevent pregnancy complications and try to maintain normal pregnancy as much as possible.

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