Can pork liver be clear?3 types of nutrition and 2 methods to do well, the eyes are healthier and brighter healthier

"Why eat pork liver today? Mom, I don’t like pork liver."

"I often eat pork liver is good for the eyes. You look at your glasses. Now you need to use your eyes every day when you go home. You still watch your mobile phone to watch TV. You are not afraid that your degree is getting higher and higher.The thickness of the glasses can be at the bottom of the beer bottle. "

Indeed, today’s society, as various electronic products and people do not pay attention to their eyes, more and more people have eye problems. As the saying goes, "Eyes are windows of the soul" But now many times, this window sometimes sometimes makes this window sometimes.With "dust", the eyes became turbid and dry. Sometimes they could not see things, which increased the inconvenience of life.

Can eating pork liver be clear?

Let’s talk about the phenomenon mentioned at the beginning of the article. I believe that "eating pork liver can be clear". Many people have heard of it. Will this experience often happen in your life?Is there a bright effect?

Look at the effect you want to achieve, the pork liver contains a certain amount of vitamin A, which contains about 500 micrograms per 100 grams of pork liver. For the eyes, vitamin A does have the effect of relieving eye fatigue and dryness.Lack of vitamin A can easily lead to the emergence of eye and eye blindness.People who lack vitamin A eat pork liver can improve their eyes, but if they want to prevent myopia by eating pork liver often, they are basically useless.

Doctor reminds: Don’t eat more pork liver

Be careful not to eat in life, and maintain a balanced absorption of nutrients, which generally does not lead to the lack of vitamin A, and many foods in life also contain vitamin A, such as: corn, sweet potatoes, eggs, milk, etc., do not have to starePork liver, and the supplement of excessive vitamin A, will also increase the burden on the liver and kidneys, and a series of symptoms such as headache and nausea.

The intake of animal internal organs recommended by Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines is 2-3 times a month, and the amount of each intake does not exceed 30g. For the family, do not buy too much per pig.One or two pieces are enough.Although pork liver is rich in nutrients, it also contains high cholesterol. At the same time, the liver is used as animal detox metabolic organs. If there are problems with animal food and drinking water, it will also increase the accumulation of harmful substances in the liver, so it is best to be the bestDon’t eat too much.

If you want to have a pair of healthy and bright eyes, you can consider eating two pieces of pork liver occasionally in your life, but it is best not to eat more. In addition, if you want to keep your eyes goodMaterial, do two more actions to relieve the problems that may exist in the eyes.

Protect eye health, supplement 3 types of nutrients

1. β-carotene

For the eyes, this substance can promote the purple quality to reach the normal content. At the same time, it can also be converted into vitamin A to help the formation of the eye sensitivity, reduce the stimulation of strong light to the eyes, and improve the dark adaptability ability of the eyesEssence

Don’t think of carrots as soon as β-carotene, in some dark, especially orange, yellow vegetables and fruits contain a certain amount of β-carotene, such as: pumpkin, mango, broccoli, etc. Even if you wantTo supplement this kind of nutrients, it is best not to stare at the same food, and it may be better to change the taste.

2. Lobulin

Lutein cannot produce by the human body by itself, so it often needs to supplement the body needs through the supply of diet. It is one of the recognized nutritional elements that protect the eyes.It can help the human body to protect the fragile optic nerve, and can also absorb blue light that hurts greater eye damage.To supplement lutein, you can eat more chrysanthemum, egg yolk, kiwi, grapes and other foods in life.

3. Vitamin B

Vitamin B is also the guardian of the optic nerve. At the same time, it can also help protect the corneal of the eyes. In the state of work, the eyes need to be involved in multiple enzymes. Lack of vitamin B will cause the activity of enzymes to weaken.And other issues.Can increase the intake of eggs, milk, and whole wheat food.

In addition to supplementing nutrients, two methods should also be done frequently

1. Far -purpose method

After working for a long time, don’t forget to look at the distance. It has a positive impact on alleviating the fatigue of the eyes and the recovery of vision. It is best to leave 3 minutes to look at the distance every day.The way is to go out frequently, look at the green plants, and look at the distant scenery, which can not only exercise the eyes, but also relax.

2. Method

Traditional Chinese medicine records, "Sleeping every day, sitting in a condensed, stuffing the curtain, rotating your eyes for fourteen times, when you close it, suddenly stare", when you get up early every day, sit on the bed, close your eyes, and slowly turn your eyesIt can help us exercise the eyes, promote the blood circulation of the eyes, and make the brain gradually sober.In the daytime work and study, if you feel tired of your eyes, you can also relieve it in this way.

"Eyes are the windows of the soul" to supplement the nutrients needed for the eyes, protect the eyes, exercise the eyes, and make the blood circulation of the eyes more smooth, and the eyes are healthier and brighter.

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