Can pregnancy treat dysmenorrhea?Can it reduce the risk of cancer?I know the truth, I am silent

When it comes to pregnancy, the first reaction of many people is: pregnancy vomiting, pain, unable to eat, can’t sleep well …

But in fact, from pregnancy to childbirth, it is more like an exciting thing. When we are ready to welcome the arrival of a new life, when we see a baby who grows up through ourselves, the kind of joy and the joy and joy andHappy is irreplaceable.

There are subtle changes in your body throughout pregnancy. Pregnancy is a positive experience and is good for women’s bodies.

1. Make a healthy lifestyle a habit

Many people will change various unhealthy lifestyles when they are preparing for pregnancy, such as smoking and drinking to stay up late.

If you want to have a healthy baby, you will not only strictly abide by the biological clock in life, exercise more, but also eat more healthy and beneficial foods in your diet.In short, how to get healthy during pregnancy.Preparation of pregnancy + pregnancy is enough to develop a good habit during this time.These habits often become healthier lifestyles.

2. Decrease in cancer risk factors

Recent research reports pointed out that pregnancy may be an effective protector to prevent breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

In addition, some studies have found that breastfeeding can reduce the risk of certain cancer for more than three months.Dr. Kevin Hangus, a surgeon assistant professor at Harvard Medical College, said: "At this point, researchers are nothing more than a theory of the relationship between pregnancy and breast cancer." One assumption is based on the fact that ovulation stopped during nine months of pregnancy.It is unlikely that women with less ovulation are unlikely to suffer from breast cancer or ovarian cancer.Another more complicated theory shows that breast tissue that has never been pregnant may be more likely to have cancer.

3. Temporary farewell to dysmenorrhea

Some mothers may have dysmenorrhea before pregnancy, but they do n’t know what is going on at all after pregnancy and even after giving birth to a child?

I do n’t have menstruation after pregnancy, of course, there is no dysmenorrhea, but once menstruation is normal, dysmenorrhea is likely to be dysmenorrhea again.

October conceive, once gave birth.Perhaps it is not marriage, but children who really make women rationally mature.

From careful pregnancy to each maternity check, until the baby is born, the physical psychology will change a lot, but only if you and your baby are healthy, then all pain and beauty are worth it.

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