Can pregnant women attend the wedding of others?

Some people say that pregnant women are a relatively special group with fetus in their stomachs, so pregnant women cannot go out. Is this correct? If the relatives of pregnant women or good friends are married, what should I do?Can pregnant women really attend the wedding of others? We will find out at the next time:

Can pregnant women attend someone else’s wedding

Among my country’s wedding customs, it is not suitable for pregnant women to attend the wedding.Because pregnant women are pregnant, newcomers are also happy. If two happy events meet each other, it is easy to rush to joy, which will affect the fortune of the newcomer.In addition, if pregnant women attend the wedding, it is best not to enter the wedding room, let alone sit on the wedding bed. Otherwise, it is difficult for newcomers to have children in three years.

Pregnant women can attend the wedding of others. It is not a superstition for pregnant women to attend the wedding, because the pregnant woman’s physical resistance is relatively weak when she is pregnant, and it is easily invaded by virus bacteria. MoreoverMany people smoke, and most of them will squeeze pregnant women, not good for their babies.If you feel that your resistance is good and full of energy in the middle of pregnancy, you can participate properly, don’t be too tired or overeating.During pregnancy, you must pay more attention to rest and balance diet.

In order to protect the fetus, pregnant women should not attend the wedding

In addition to pregnant women, it is not appropriate to attend the wedding, pregnant women are not suitable for a crowded wedding scene for better fetal protection.

1. The wedding banquet is crowded, the air is poor

The most needed for pregnant women’s pregnancy to protect the fetus is still to recuperate, and people at the wedding scene come and go, crowded, and the air quality is not good. It is not suitable for pregnant women to participate, otherwise it will be troublesome when it comes to encounters.This is one of the reasons why many newcomers do not want pregnant women to participate in the wedding banquet.

2. The wedding banquet diet is difficult to guarantee

Pregnant women have their own healthy recipes, and they have a lot of nutrients to consume, and they should avoid foods that should not be eaten. However, at the wedding banquet, these are difficult to satisfy. In addition, because the wedding banquet is a large pot, it is likely to occur in hygiene problems.If the pregnant woman is not lucky, the health of their and children will not be guaranteed.Therefore, for the health of themselves and children, pregnant women are best not to attend the wedding.

What should pregnant women pay attention to when attending the wedding?

There may be a gift gun at the wedding scene, and the sound will be relatively louder. Try to avoid it.The meals outside may be the possibility of groove oil. You should pay attention to eating more meat egg milk and fresh vegetables and fruits. Try not to go to a place with a lot of crowds and squeeze the baby in the stomach.Pregnant women should not eat some foods, such as spicy, cold dishes, and additive foods are not suitable.Do not overeating and avoid eating too much, which can easily lead to bad stomach.

If you are pregnant, you especially want to attend a wedding, this is not impossible.Because the custom is dead, but people are alive, and many customs are now being changed. For example, the bridesmaid can only choose an unmarried woman.Jiao is married, and her bridesmaid is Zheng Xiyi, who is pregnant.

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