Can pregnant women drink tea and flowers and grass?May wish to listen to the doctor first

Many women still like to drink coffee, tea, and even flower tea after pregnancy.

Many people think that drinking some flowers and plants after pregnancy has many benefits to mothers and babies. Various flowers, plants, leaves, seeds, and rhizomes contain various natural ingredients, which can help pregnant women alleviate various discomfort symptoms.

For this reason, many people also make the flowers and grass tea that pregnant women drink into a lot of business, claiming that some flower and grass tea can induce labor and treat certain diseases.The problem of flower tea.

Answer the first question first: Can you drink tea and flowers and grass when you are pregnant?

Yes, drinking tea and flower tea is good for pregnant women, and it can also help relieve certain symptoms.

Tea mainly contain caffeine and various antioxidant ingredients. The tea of a cup of tea contains about 40-50 mg of caffeine. Drinking appropriate amount will not have adverse effects on the fetus.

Flower tea mainly comes from the roots, petals, seeds, leaves, berries of various plants, without caffeine. Various plant components in it can help relieve the symptoms of various pregnancy.

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If you decide to drink, it is generally recommended to drink big companies, some brands, and have already existed for many years of commercialized flower and grass tea.

These flower tea usually does not contain toxic plants, with a large number of good flowers and plants, and the quality is guaranteed.

The second question: Drinking raspberry tea in the third trimester can help me soften the cervix and be conducive to giving birth?

The possibility is not too great

The maturity and softening of the cervix are a complicated process, and it is also a tricky problem that obstetricians often face.

Even if the existing drugs and mechanical methods are used to directly promote the cervix, it may not have a good effect. It is unlikely to solve this obstetric problem by drinking raspberry tea.

The saying that drinking raspberry tea softened cervix actually comes from foreign countries. There are also some foreign obstetricians and midwives to encourage pregnant women to drink raspberry tea during the third trimester.Clinical studies of large samples, multi -centered, and random control have confirmed its effectiveness.

Therefore, the attitude of most obstetricians is that you will not recommend you drinking raspberry tea in the third trimester. Some obstetricians’ attitudes are "three no": not proactive, not refused, and irresponsible.

I will not recommend it.

During the pregnancy, you can choose the appropriate flower and grass tea to alleviate the corresponding symptoms and signs on the premise of consulting professionals.

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Commonly used flower tea can help supplement various vitamins and minerals, improve the immune system, and alleviate the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, edema, etc.

Please note that what flower tea can play is mainly auxiliary effects, not the treatment effect. Do not expect that the value is too high. If the problem is serious, please do a doctor to solve it. Don’t delay.

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