Can pregnant women live without removing formaldehyde after the decoration of the new house?

If there are pregnant women, some families may continue to move in to cultivate their bodies, but if it is a house that is just after decoration and has not been removed for formaldehyde, it is best for pregnant women to stay, because there will be a lot of formaldehyde in the house after decoration. If the concentration exceeds the standard, if the concentration exceeds the standardIt is easy to seriously affect the fetus in pregnant women’s abdomen, and even cause fetal malformations. The damage to pregnant women is far greater than the harm to ordinary people. Therefore, pregnant women who do not remove formaldehyde must not be able to stay.

How long does it take for a newly renovated house to stay in?

In fact, theoretically, the longer the time, the better, but the general conditions are generally not allowed.But it takes at least six months, especially the three months of pregnancy. The first three months is the most unstable time for the baby. The toxic pollution substance is not good for adults and children.If you do n’t have so much waiting time, you can place some green plants and activated carbon in the room to speed up the adsorption of formaldehyde, and at the same time you can add ventilation, so that you can stay in a shorter time.

What are the effects of formaldehyde on pregnant women?

1. Formaldehyde has been determined by the World Health Organization as a carcinogenic and teratogenic substance. It is recognized as the original super -sensitivity reaction origin and one of the potential strong mutations.Long -term exposure to low -dose formaldehyde in pregnant women can cause chronic respiratory diseases, causing genetic mutations of nasopharyngeal cancer, colon cancer, brain tumors, menstrual disorders, and nucleus.

2. If pregnant women stay indoors with formaldehyde, it is easy to exacerbate pregnancy syndrome, and symptoms such as nausea and vomiting will become more serious.At the same time, it will also cause chromosomal abnormalities in neonatal, and eventually cause congenital defects such as fetal deformity, abortion, fetal brain development, congenital heart disease.

3. When the concentration of formaldehyde in the indoor air is higher than 0.24 to 0.55 mg per cubic meter, formaldehyde can also affect the cycle system, immunity, reproduction and metabolic functions of pregnant women, and can easily lead to headaches, fatigue, fatigue, irritability, easy to get rid of it.Symptoms such as excitement, insomnia.

4. The most important effect of formaldehyde on pregnant women is that the long -term inhalation of formaldehyde in pregnant women can cause increased incidence of pregnancy poisoning, anemia, and threatened abortion. There is also a low weight, deformity and even death.No matter what symptoms cause, it will affect adults and children.

Formaldehyde has strong irritation and sensitization. High concentrations of formaldehyde are genetic toxic substances, which can cause fetal mutations, cause irreversible injuries to the fetus.EssenceTherefore, if you want to stay in the newly renovated house early, you must find a professional formaldehyde -removed company efficient governance. Before check -in, find a professional testing agency to detect the concentration of formaldehyde, strictly lower than the national standard to stay, and create the most comfortable and safe residence for pregnant women and fetuses.environment.

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