Can pregnant women take a plane?What do you need to pay attention to?

After all, pregnant women are special, and they must be careful in any matter, let alone the incident of taking a plane to go away.

Can pregnant women take a plane?If can the security check affect the baby?What should I pay attention to when taking a plane?… All kinds of concerns, this article will answer you.

In principle, after pregnancy, try to avoid far away. If you have to go out of the door, it is advisable to take a car or an airplane.

If you take a plane, what are the precautions?

1. How many weeks of pregnancy is relatively safe?

The answer is: 13-28 weeks of pregnancy, why?Because the early pregnancy embryo is still unstable, the journey of tiredness and early pregnancy response may aggravate physical discomfort, induced or cause miscarriage; the fatigue, changes in air pressure during take -off or landing during the third trimester (after 28 weeks)It may induce contractions and cause premature birth.Therefore, if the checkup is normal, good health, and without complications, it can be used to take a plane. It is best to carry the perinatal period after 28 weeks of pregnancy.

2. Does security check affect the baby?

Security inspection generally does not affect the baby, but it is best to inform the security personnel during security inspection and show the corresponding proof.

3. What should be paid attention to?

The seat belt should not be tied to the abdomen, and it can be tied to the root of the thigh below the abdomen.

4. How long can I take a long time to take a plane?Is there any requirement?

The blood of pregnant women is in a high -coordinated state. If the position is not moved for a long time, the risk of deep venous thrombosis in the lower limbs; short -distance airplanes (less than 4 hours) during pregnancy generally do not increase the risk of venous thrombosis, but if you sit still for a long time, deep vein thrombosis will be increased.The risk is increased. Therefore, it is recommended not to take a plane too long. If you take a long time (greater than 4 hours), you can choose to be close to the aisle, which is convenient for a period of time to get up at a time.Prevent venous thrombosis.

5. What should I do if I encounter an emergency on the plane?

If there is abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding or flow fluid, contraction, etc. during the flight, the flight attendants must be reported in time to request help.

6. Reminder!

Pregnant women should be loose and soft when they travel. Pay attention to the warmth of the abdomen. After boarding, they can ask the flight attendant to cover the abdomen with a small blanket to prevent cold.However, it should be reminded that even if pregnant women are healthy, most obstetrics and gynecologists do not agree with the opportunity to take pregnant women during pregnancy, because pregnant women and fetuses during pregnancy are very sensitive to changes in external environmental factors. Unless the journey is necessary or no other better travel,Way.


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