Can pregnant women use Hua Yan cream?

The main ingredients of Hua Yan ointment contain wax plum oil, camphor, benzoic acid, and salicylic acid.Hua Yan cream is a non -prescribed drug of tinea -footed tinea.The function is to treat sterilization and itching.Generally, Hua Yan cream has started 3-4 days after medication.Can pregnant women use Hua Yan cream?

Tinea -foot ringworm is widely popular around the world, and my country has a high incidence.Both men, women, and children can infected diseases, with multiple unilaterals, and can also affect both hands or feet.Blids are worsened from summer, and the pain in winter is obvious.At the beginning, it is the palm or finger seam, the toe seam blisters or the skin of the skin keratosis, the blisters are transparent as crystal, and itching is unbearable.After the blisters were broken, the white dandruff was stacked.Long -term dipping or friction injury and exposure to detergent, solvents, etc. are important causes of tinea -and -foot infections.

The function of Huayu Ointment Indizes sterilization and itching.For ringworm, itchy toes, goose palm wind.Handworm is commonly known as goose palm wind, and athletes are commonly known as athletes. Handworm and ringworm are called tinea -footed.It is skin damage that occurs from the hand and foot of the fungal infection.

Can pregnant women use Hua Yan cream?

Hua Yan’s pregnant woman is disabled.The ingredients of Hua Yan cream contain components disabled by pregnant women such as camphor and salicylic acid.The camphor is easily absorbed by the human body through the skin or respiratory tract.If the expectant mothers are in contact with camphor within the first three months of pregnancy, the camphor will enter the amniotic cavity through the placenta barrier, affect the fetal growth and development, and may even cause the fetus to die.The possibility of salicylic acid can cause fetal deformity and complications during various pregnancy.Therefore, pregnant women disable Hua Yan cream.

Using Hua Yan cream should also pay attention to other taboos:

1. Disables of skin damage and allergies to Hua Yan.

2. Hua Yan cream is an external medicine and is forbidden to take internal.

3. Avoid spicy and irritating foods.

4. Do not touch the mucosa such as the eyes, the mouth.

5. Children and weak people should be used under the guidance of doctors.Itching caused by diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, tumor and other diseases is not the adaptation range of Hua Yan cream.

6. Those with erosive foot moisture and accompanied by secondary infection (purulent) should go to the hospital in time.

7. The symptoms of 3 days of medication are not relieved, and you should go to the hospital for treatment.

8. Hua Yan paste traitors are prohibited from use when changing.

When using Hua Yan cream, you should first read the precautions and taboos and consult the doctor or pharmacist to use it reasonably and safely.

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