Can pregnant women use mobile phones during pregnancy, what impact, listen to expert answers

In this era of rapid development, mobile phones are already essential necessities. Most of us cannot do without it. If you are a full -time preparation for a full -time pregnancy, it is okay to say that if you still need to invest in workThe pregnant mother in it is almost impossible.The first three months of pregnancy is a critical period for the fetal nervous system and development of various aspects. During this period, the development of the fetus is very sensitive to the stimulus of the outside world. How should pregnant mothers balance the relationship between pregnancy and use mobile phones?

In fact, it does not mean that the mobile phone cannot be used at all. Electromagnetic radiation can cause teratogenic, but the "non -electrode" electromagnetic radiation issued by the mobile phone is low level, so the problem of using the mobile phone occasionally and in a short time is not large.Control the frequency and time of using mobile phones.

Let’s first know what the radiation is.Radiation is divided into two types: ionizing radiation and electromagnetic radiation.

Ionizing radiation is the general term that can cause material ionization. There are many types. High -speed charged particles include α particles, β particles, protons, no charged particles, and X -rays and γ -rays.Electromagnetic radiation is composed of electrical and magnetic energy transferred by space, and this energy is generated by the charge movement.

It sounds complicated, but the general distinction is that if the energy carried by high -speed particles can be large enough to have the ability to destroy the chemical bonds of the molecular intercocket, it is called ionizing radiation.For example, gamma rays, cosmic rays and X -rays produced by radioactive substances.

If the energy of the particles of high -speed exercise is not enough to destroy the electromagnetic field of the molecular chemical bond, it is called "non -electrical radiation", also known as electromagnetic radiation.For example, microwave, radio waves, and electricity, their particles do not have the ability to damage chemical bonds, so they generally have no impact on health.

Ionizing radiation such as hospitals, radiotherapy equipment, X -ray machines, etc.Electromagnetic radiation includes electromagnetic radiation in various electrical appliances and power supply in our lives. The signals we need to conduct wireless communication are also electromagnetic radiation, such as router, substation, high -voltage lines and mobility stations.

We have to prevent radiation. We must prevent ionization radiation, not electromagnetic radiation, because electromagnetic radiation is ubiquitous in our lives.

So what should pregnant mothers pay attention to using mobile phones during pregnancy?

1. Do not let your mobile phone close to the head. Many pregnant mothers are used to setting up the mobile phone alarm clock to place the bedside. In fact, this is very bad. The radiation generated when the mobile phone signal is just connected is quite large, 20 times the call.Therefore, it is more appropriate to let the phone farther away from yourself when you sleep.

2. Avoid calling when the signal is weak. When the signal is weak, using a mobile phone to answer the phone is very strong. Therefore, the mobile phone signal must choose other communication tools.

3. Using anneal -free headphones, the mobile phone is very large to radiate the head when using the phone to call the head, so pregnant women should avoid long -term call during pregnancy. When using mobile phone calls, you can choose to use the headset to reduce the radiation.

4. Don’t put your phone in your pocket, especially don’t stick your stomach and head, you can put it in your bag.

5. The power should be turned off when the phone is not used.As long as the mobile phone is connected to the power supply, there is electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, in order to minimize the damage to the human body, when the mobile phone is not used, the phone’s power supply should be turned off.

Although the radiation harm of mobile phones is not great, it is not to say that you can hold your phone at all times during pregnancy.In addition to answering calls during pregnancy, try to play less mobile phones. You can use more time to communicate with your baby. Listen to music appropriately, read books, exercise appropriately, and prepare for an excellent mother.

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