Can pregnant women use skin care products during pregnancy?Favorites first!

Yesterday, my girlfriend told me very well, she was pregnant!Really?I was happy to jump from the desk like a string of Sky Mouse, which is great!

She likes her baby, and she finally wished this time. In her conversation, she felt that happiness overflowed with her mobile phone screen. She was really happy for her, and her eyes were wet.If it weren’t for 380 kilometers, I was afraid that they would rush over to hug.

When I was still immersed in her joy, I suddenly said to me: Oh, the day before yesterday, I saw a pregnant woman in the community dark yellow and a lot of freckles, completely like 10 years old!I don’t want my child to be born, and the mother I see is ugly and not cute.What can I do?

Do you say that with skin care products during pregnancy, will it affect the fetus?You have been in your career skin care industry for so many years, and quickly tell me!I comforted her with a smile, you don’t have to be so nervous!You have to listen now ~

During pregnancy, due to increased estrogen and lutein secretion, the energy of skin self -protection and repair is not enough to cope with increasing melanin, which will cause increased melanin and deepen the skin pigment. At this timeRadiation, they will quickly defeat the skin’s defense ability, so that the skin energy will drop sharply, so the skin will look dark yellow, spots and other skin problems after pregnancy.

The tissue structure and nutritional structure of the skin during pregnancy will change greatly. The fertility will have a great impact on the skin of the pregnant mother, and the aging speed of postpartum skin will accelerate rapidly.It sounds good to say that it is even more mother -in -law. In fact, it is aging. Who doesn’t want to keep youthful, right?

The skin care medical community believes that skin care during pregnancy and postpartum is the most important stage of skin care in women’s life.

However, many pregnant mothers have a misunderstanding that skin care products of infants and young children are safe, gentle, non -toxic and harmless.It will be applied to the skin care products of infants and young children during pregnancy. Of course, there is no harm.However, skin care products are mostly glycerin. They are designed for the unique skin characteristics of the baby, which cannot be supplemented by the moisture required by the skin of pregnant women.Therefore, it is recommended that prospective mothers choose professional pregnant women’s skin care products to maintain the skin.

Pregnant women do not need to be too careful during the skin care during pregnancy, because most skin care ingredients can only act on the epidermis layer, cannot pass through the skin barrier to enter the blood, and then affect the health of the fetus through the placenta barrier, so pregnant mothers need to worry too much.

Of course, it is not to say that you can use skin care products without taboos, choose some gentle, non -irritating products, and avoid the following ingredients:

1. Hydrogen.Hydrogen is indeed a very effective whitening agent. It mainly suppresses tyrosine activity by complexing, regulating the metabolic process of melanocytes, and significantly reduced the number of positive melanocytes in the epidermis.The skin fade.It does not mean safety, which is why it is prohibited from using in retention cosmetics.Therefore, it is allowed to use in the drug, but the use needs to be under the guidance of a doctor.The risk of hydrogen is precisely in low -dose long -term use (skin care products), not (relative) high -dose intermittent use (drug treatment)

2. salicylic acid.Because it can remove horny and clear the pores of the skin, it becomes the darling of the skin care industry. Most of the acne products on the market contain salicylic acid ingredients.After the absorption of salicylic acid into the body, the mother can directly enter the fetus through the placenta barrier in the mother’s body. It has a certain impact on the growth and development of the fetus.Dangerous abortion in pregnancy.So try not to use it.

3. Vitamin A acid derivative.Anti -aging skin care products often occupy important positions and are really exerting exact effects, mainly three derivatives of alcohol, Adehyde, and A ester.Vitamin A has a strong penetration. Whether it is skin care products or oral drugs, high doses will have the risk of teratogenic fetal teratogenic. It is a type of high -risk in skin care products. It is also the first type of pregnant mothers to avoid.A alcohol (retinol), Adehyde (vision), and A ester (retin alcoholistate) are also transformed into A acid after entering the human body as derivatives of vitamin A.Although the low concentration may not be a big deal, it is recommended to avoid pregnant mothers in case.

4. Diabenate.Plazenylbenate is in cosmetics to prevent cosmetic cracking effects. Due to the low cost, it is widely used.However, this substance may affect the hormonal secretion of the fetus and infants, which may lead to precocious puberty and other health problems.

In addition, Clarinus Poems are under the banner of pregnant women all year round, but the gentle and soft skin water of Clarins contains retinol palmate. This is the effect of whitening and freckle.

When you choose skin care products, you must not just look at the brand, but ignore the composition of the single product. I do n’t know how to choose. Try to choose no preservatives and spices.Products, such as anti -wrinkle, whitening, acne removal, etc., the easiest ingredients are selected, and the most basic hydration and moisturizing.

Then if you, I push some skin care products that pregnant women can use.

FANCL series (makeup removal, cleansing, moisturizing water, moisturizing eye cream, mask)

HABA facial cleanser, G dew, and sharkane pure beauty solution, etc.

Generally speaking, it is the effect of de -efficacy, simple ingredients, pure hydration and moisturizing, and mild and non -irritating is absolutely correct.

Okay, I will talk to you today, ah!I really want to look at her baby, love you.

So cute

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