Can turtles eat?It should not be a problem

◎ He Zhen (specially invited researcher at the Socialist Development Research Institute of Southeast University)

Recently, a friend asked me on WeChat: "Turtle, can you eat or not eat it?" I immediately responded to him. Of course, turtles could eat. The old ancestors told us a long time ago, is this still a problem?

Immediately, my friend pushed me an article "Turtle, can you eat it or not?"This is a big problem".When I saw this topic, I thought it must be a spoof and a joke.Opening the article, it is really not a joke. It is a serious article published by Sina Finance’s official account.In the article, in response to the current problems of Shenzhen legislation, a real question is raised: "Turtle, can you eat it or not?"

At the beginning of Gengzi, the epidemic of the new crown pneumonia was sudden, and the topic related to edible wildlife was pushed to the cusp.Academician Zhong Nanshan, the leader of the National Health and Health Commission’s high -level expert group and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out that the coronary virus often exists in wild animals. From the perspective of more acute infectious diseases in these decades, nearly 70 % of them are from animals.Come, eating wild animals is a bad habit.

On February 24th, the 16th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress voted through the "Decision on Comprehensive Banning illegal Wild Animal Trading, Removal Wild Animal Habit of Wild Animals, and effectively protecting the health and safety of the people."Those who stipulate that the Wildlife Protection Law and other relevant laws are prohibited from hunting, trading, transportation, and edible wild animals.The "terrestrial wildlife with important ecology, science, and social value of the country’s protection of the country and other terrestrial wild animals, including artificial breeding and artificially raising terrestrial wild animals.Fully prohibit terrestrial wild animals that hunt, trading, and transportation naturally growing in the wild environment for the purpose of consumption.This provision is of great significance for the transmission of coronary viruses, especially the dissection of sudden infectious diseases, especially unknown reasons in the future.

It moves in various places, and some places start the local legislation process of local legislation or accelerate the original plan at the fastest speed.The day after the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress passed the "Decision" on the National People’s Congress, that is, to publish the "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone for Banning to Fully Edible Wildlife Regulations (Draft for Opinions)" to the society., Dogs, snakes, turtles, turtles, birds, insects and other artificial breeding animals "blacklist", and proposed that the edible wildlife was punished by 1,000 yuan per person.This provision exceeded the field of terrestrial wildlife category that was fasting by the National People’s Congress "Decision".Of course, as long as it is not violated, local legislation can fill gaps.However, relevant regulations still immediately aroused fierce disputes.

The author believes that local legislative fasting of turtles and other common artificial breeding animals should be cautious, and it is necessary to make full demonstrations.

The scientific turtle is "鳖", which can be eaten, and it can be eaten for thousands of years.The excavation of Yinxu in Henan and the research of a large number of Oracle not only confirmed the existence of the Shang Dynasty, but also confirmed that the ancients consumed the turtles as early as 3,000 years ago, and used turtle shells to memorize and divination.It can be seen that the Chinese people have a long history and a long history. It is estimated that many of us and our ancestors have eaten turtle.

Experts have shown that the aquatic animals that change the aquatic animals live in a completely different environment and the aquatic mammals. Aquatic animal virus cannot be infected with mammals, and mammalia virus cannot be proliferated in aquatic animals.Aquatic products such as turtle turtles have a significant promotion effect on improving human immunity.So far, there have been no infectious diseases in the world that Mermaids have been discovered and reported.Aquaculture and edible turtles, turtles and other aquatic animals are healthy and safe.

In contemporary, turtle is a common breeding turtle species in my country. The large -scale artificial farming has reached more than 40 years. The breeding area is distributed in more than 20 provinces and cities across the country. It is an important part of my country’s freshwater fisheries.According to incomplete statistics, the annual turtle output of goods across the country is about 350,000 tons, with an annual output value of 50 to 60 billion yuan. The annual output value of upstream and downstream industrial chains exceeds 100 billion yuan, and there are millions of employees.

The Guangdong Province where Shenzhen is located is a large breeding province and a strong turtle province. In 2019, the amount of seedlings of Chinese turtles reached 110 million, and the annual output of about 63,000 tons of Chinese tadpoles.With 1300 households, there are more than 11,000 employees, with an annual output value of more than 3.6 billion yuan.

There are many national consumers who like and recognize turtle brands and turtle deep -processing product companies in Zhejiang, as well as listed companies associated with turtle and turtles.

Specialized aquaculture industries such as turtles have become an important part of my country’s aquaculture industry. It is an important starting point for rural economic and social development and farmers’ precision poverty alleviation. EssenceThe turtle turtles that are related to millions of practitioners and 100 billion economic benefits are included in the fasting ranks, which directly affects the corresponding development of the corresponding aquatic industry.

On March 4, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued an urgent notice of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, which clarified that Chinese turtles, turtles, etc. were included in the "National Key Protection of Economic Water and Plant Resource List" species and the new aquatic varieties of the aquatic species announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry.Management, not entering the preparation list.

Therefore, whether turtle can eat, it should not be a problem.There are a lot of problems that need to be solved through legislation, and time should not be waste time on such violations of common sense.Regardless of reality, legislation not only cannot be implemented, but also unnecessary, it will also lower the level of local regulations, weaken the authority of the law, cause the chaos of law enforcement, and it is difficult to implement reasonable regulations.

We all know that driving a vehicle, the steering wheel is not enough to fight left, and it is not enough to hit the right.Because whether the steering wheel is always left or right, it will cause the same result, that is, the rollover.In fact, legislation is also the same.Fasting wildlife requires scientific laws and regulations to regulate. It is not a scientific practice to let it go, regardless of or all to die.

Only by good law, it will bring good governance, and fasting wild animals also need to talk about science.

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