Can we have a cat for a little scientific principle?Pay attention to these issues, do not need to talk about the color change of "worms"

Pet cats have brought joy to many families, but the saying of "raising cats for pregnant women and fetuses is not good" has always troubled cat lovers.Among all the influence of cats on pregnant women, people are most worried about infection of toxoplasma.On the one hand, there is a worry about the healthy baby in the abdomen, and on the other hand, it is not possible to abandon cats with deep feelings for many years.Can’t cats nourish and pregnancy really?

What is a bow -shaped worm?

The toxoplasma is not visible to the naked eye. It is parasitic in the cells of humans and animals. It flows to all parts of the whole body with the blood flow.Gow -shaped worms have five different forms: nourishing body, cysts, fracture, supporting, and oval sacs. Among them, the nourishing body and cysts can exist in the human body, and the remaining forms can only exist on the host -cats and cats.Cats are mainly infected with infected cat dung, as well as grasses infected by mice and birds.Generally speaking, the cat will be expelled in the first two weeks of the infection after the first infection of the cat, and the oval sac will develop in the outside world for 1 to 2 days or longer to be contagious.

What is the harm of bow -shaped worms to pregnant women?

Adults with normal immune function are mostly hidden infection. Only 10%to 20%of patients have mild cold -like symptoms.When the immunity is low, infection can cause fever, fatigue, lymph nodes, and liver and spleen.Defension such as incomplete development.

How can pregnant women prevent hormone infections?

1. Pay attention to diet hygiene

It is not only cats that can spread toxoplasma, and the contaminated food and environment are possible.Gow -shaped worms are mainly spread through the mouth. Therefore, in addition to cats, unwahering vegetables and fruits, raw or half -life meat, and cooked food contaminated by raw meat may spread.Therefore, developing a good habit of washing hands before meals and logistics can minimize the opportunity to "get sick from the mouth" to the greatest extent.

2. Scientific cat

Cats eat infected mice or birds may be infected with toxoplasma.Therefore, cats should be raised at home and feed cooked or finished cat food to prevent them from predating.At the same time, pay attention to daily hygiene. Cats are cleaned in time or within 24 hours after defecation to avoid the development of the ovaries of the bowworm.Within the first three months of pregnancy, pregnant women should keep a strict distance from pets, especially to avoid contact with cats’ feces. If they are in contact, they must wash their hands carefully after contact.

3. Actively perform bow -shaped worms

The owner can take a cat for an animal toxoplasma detection before conception.If the toxoplasma antibody is positive, it indicates that the cat is infected with the toxoplasma or has a certain degree of immunity.

At the same time, women can go to the hospital for routine toxoplasma during pregnancy and early pregnancy to reduce the occurrence of fetal congenital hormone disease.If the IgM and IgG antibodies of Toxoplasma are negative, it means that the pregnant woman has not been infected with a bow -shaped worm. At this time, the infection must be performed and a regular review must be checked.If IgG antibody is positive, it is prompted to have an infection in the past; but if the IGM antibody is positive, it is prompted to infected the toxoplasma in the near future.

In short, although toxoplasma may cause abortion or fetal malformations of pregnant women, the incidence of bow -shaped worms in my country is not high. As long as pregnant women correctly understand the toxoplasma, they can scientifically raise cats and effectively prevent them. They can raise cats during pregnancy.

Author: Hou Jiayi Shanxi Provincial Hospital Deputy Chief Technician

Review: Li Xinling Chief Physician of Shanxi Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Source: Chinese Medical Association, Popular Science China

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