Can you get pregnant after the ring?IntersectionThis fertilized egg can be said to be quite tenacious

As a long -term contraception method, Sheung Wan is a good choice. It is safe, simple, economical, and reversible. The penetration rate of my country that advocates family planning is very high, and the effective rate of contraception is as high as 90%.

All kinds of internal adustulation rings

However, the high contraceptive rate does not mean 100 %. It is still possible to get pregnant when going to the ring. Why?Let’s start with the principle of contraceptives of the birth ring.

The most common copper -containing Type Palace Internal Nursery Ring

The first step is to kill the sperm.The contraceptive ring stays in the uterus and is oppressed to the uterus. It produces a sterile inflammatory response. Flame cells can devour sperm. Many contraceptive rings contain copper ions. Copper ions can separate sperm head and tail.Broken, think about it and cruel.

If there is a sperm that leaked the net, the first step is to enter the second step to prevent the fertilized eggs in bed.The inflammation of the uterine cavity produces a large amount of macrophages, covering the endometrium surface, hindering the fertilized eggs compatible with the endometrium.The inflammatory response changed the peristalsis of the fallopian tube, so that the operating speed of the fertilized eggs was not synchronized with the endometrium development. The fertilized eggs finally went to the uterine cavity.Wandering, hitting the wall everywhere, finally found a falling ground. The endometrial compression ischemic and phagocytocytes activated the synthetic plane, and then dissolved the blastocyst that had just fired.

If the fertilized eggs pass the previous two levels, then enter the third step to prevent embryo development.The inflammatory factors secreted by inflammatory cells, as well as copper ions affecting zinc enzyme system and glycogen metabolism, can affect embryonic development and even toxic effects.

The embryo has silk split

If the first three levels have passed, then this fertilized egg can be said to be quite tenacious.Can this baby after 1981 difficult?As mentioned above, inflammatory cells and copper ions have toxic effects on embryos, fetal malformation rates will increase, and there is always a foreign body next to the baby’s development, which can easily cause miscarriage and premature birth.

Although there are many examples of normally babies with ring pregnancy and childbirth, there are too many unknown risks throughout pregnancy. From the perspective of eugenics, it is not recommended to continue pregnancy.

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