Can you get pregnant without "doing things"?The harm of marginal behavior, men and women should know

Today Christmas

Believe in many couples

Both are preparing to do big tickets

Uncle, of course, can’t be idle

See this topic

Many people may only see the latter three words

"Sexual behavior"

Let’s talk about the iron again while it is hot

What are the types of sexual behavior?

Sexual scientific research according to the degree of sexual satisfaction

Divide human sex into three types

Core behavior

(That is, the substantive sexual behavior involved in the two parties)

Classic behavior

(There is no physical contact, but the behavior that allows sexual needs to be partially meets)

Marginal behavior

(There is physical contact, but there is no substantial contact between key organs)

You can also simply understand it as

It is a foreplay before sexual life.

There are more reasons

1. Edge behavior is more likely to happen

Although there is no real pop

But marginal behavior contains

Intimate contact and friction in all parts of the body

Can pull the distance between the two parties

To a large extent eliminates tension

At the same time, it can also bring some satisfaction

2. There are fewer worries on marginal behavior

For the other part

It may be that the relationship has not been sublimated to that step

Or for the consideration of age, society, and security

So choose to retreat and seek the second to meet your own needs

3. Can relieve fear and nervousness

Sexual psychology puts edge sexual behavior

Called "preparation phase before the X intersection"

Also known as the foreplay

A good foreplay

Can enhance the relationship between couples

Lift the psychology of fear, nervousness and shyness

4. Can add the interest of couple life

Published in the 1950s in the United States

"Hyte Sexual Report"

A woman pointed out:

Another woman is more direct:

Many people think

Compared with core behavior

Marginal behavior

Just a family

There is basically no big risk

That’s what you think too simple

Do not believe you to list a few

Without protection

This kind of behavior is risky

Including syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia,

Hepatitis, genital warts, etc.

Although HIV has no theoretical risk

But if the contact position (including the mouth)

Broken wound, inflammation, blood, throatitis

It even said that there are other sexually transmitted diseases at the same time

HIV infection is possible


You think it’s safe

But if there is a stabbing and scabbing wound in your hand

Or the small mouth scratched by paper

The contact with high -risk body fluid will inevitably be surprised

③ 蹭 蹭

If you are across the clothes

There are almost no risks

But if the contact level

Reaches the contact of the mucous membrane, the edge of the anal perianal

Or the degree of skin wound contact

Still need to pay special attention

And in case the man has a physiological reaction

As a result, the little tadpoles accidentally ran out

So as long as you unite your clothes

Be sure to wear a sleeve obediently

No matter what form of sexual behavior

Safety is the first priority

at last

I will teach you a few tips for driving a few people and animals and animals

1. Use good skin

Skin accounts for 16% of our overall weight

There are nearly 500,000 tactile pressure receptors all over the body


When we embrace, caress, kiss

The brain will receive the signal that comes from

Self -secrete a happy material

Send you a humanistic sensitive map

Take away

2. Take your time and be happy

When the male compatriots drive

Don’t just care about your personal feelings

Because girls need a longer time

Come to adapt to this process

So slow

Maybe you can gain more

3. Communicate in time

Praise each other

Learn to express yourself

You can also come to some cosplay

These are the harmonious agents of emotions

“”39 Health Super Energy Group”

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