Can you hurt your fetus if you can’t make up your makeup?"Nanny level" dressing tutorial ugly girl counterattack fashion hot mom

Let me talk about my point first: pregnancy can be made up!

After pregnancy, hormones have a huge impact, and the skin has various problems such as dullness, yellowing, and long spots. The face value is large, and these problems are put on the face.

I was uncomfortable to watch myself, and I didn’t say anything smoothly. The friends around me were also concerned.All, makeup should be made up during pregnancy, one is to "nourish the skin", and the other is to be physically and mentally healthy.

Before starting makeup, you need to determine some precautions.

1. Determine whether it is safe

In my opinion, safety is the primary condition for makeup during pregnancy. Only by ensuring this can we get on the face.Safety can be simply divided into 2 points,

① brand formal

The selected brands must be formal, and those products that are Weishang, Sanwu products, and without filing must not be used.

② The ingredients are safe, and the irritating ingredients are used with caution, especially the components of makeup taboos such as salicylic acid, vitamin A acid, fruit acid, and retinosylin

Second, mild cosmetics, glass hearts can choose products designed specifically for "pregnancy", such products are gentle.

I do n’t like too complicated makeup steps, try to choose streamlined as the main, moisturizing -isolation/sunscreen -base makeup -eyebrow pencil -lipstick.

Moisturizing -Naigya Water milk

Domestic pregnancy and infant care brands have always taken "more secure" as the brand concept. All ingredients 0 flavors 0 preservatives 0 pigments and other ingredients are natural and organic.

Main ingredients:

Natural plant ingredients, there are no 8716 risk disabled ingredients, more gentle and safer, and the taste is only a faint plant incense ~

The cutting -edge purification technology also makes the raw material more pure and safer, and there are 240D small molecules more likely to achieve the bottom of the muscle bottom exudation and it is easy to absorb by the skin

One is soft and comfortable during pregnancy due to the repair ingredients of the ace barrier and the Mediterranean thorns.

I also love the texture. The overall is refreshing and the absorption is particularly fast. The texture of the water is usually a touch of water. Even the lotion is as smooth as the yogurt.You can buy it without brain, it is really refreshing and clean!

After use, the skin has a sense of transparentness that has never been before!IntersectionThe moisturizing effect is still very good, and the skin is dumb all day long.Without rubbing mud, you can apply makeup immediately.

Isolation/sunscreen -Yiliser sunscreen isolation isolation

Shiseido’s brand, quality is OK!The Yeliser gold tube is the sunscreen that I want to buy again after the empty bottle!One of the hard recommendations of girlfriends!Intersection

The texture of light milk, very easy to push, use a sense of use!I feel a little oil on the face, but there will be no sticky feeling after the film formation.The subsequent moisturizing is also very good, and it will not be worn.

One with three effects: lotion+sunscreen+isolation.After the daily basic skin care, apply it directly to the door!It is also suitable for use before makeup, a must -have sunscreen for lazy people!

The skin is not greasy, very moist, does not rub the mud, does not dry, does not blew, is not fake … Many sunscreens have the shortcomings, and the Yellesl gold tube is not!Just want to repurchase unlimited repurchase.

Base makeup -Nenfu air cushion

Nenfu, a German professional pregnant and baby skin care brand, develops suitable products for pregnant mothers and various skin types in different periods. The brand adheres to the concept of "professional, safe, and effective".It’s much peace of mind.

More than 80%of the additions are moisturizing skin care ingredients such as hydraulic essence, pan gyms, and sodium hyaluronate.It is very good to solve the imbalance of my water and oil, and it will not be oily.

The concealer effect is not bad. The acne on the face is not obvious. The nude makeup effect is very natural. The skin is very thin and transparent. Don’t worry about the problems of stuffy acne or hurting the skin.The main core 4 kingdoms patent folic acid. The moisturizing effect is good. It can be moisturized and can be so good that it can make makeup and nourish one.

After sunscreen, take a light layer, and the pores and acne marks are immediately invisible. The nose and some details will not be stuck at the gaps.Get used to start with the nose, and quickly pat, just shoot almost uniform skin tone.Holding makeup is not bad. After applying it in the morning, go to work, and you do n’t take off your makeup at night.Good makeup, nourishing and moisturizing and also serving. It is easy to carry when going out. The concealer effect is OK. Sisters can consider it before the sisters have not been adjusted to the appropriate air cushion.

Eyebrow Pen -Korlaki Eye Pen

This is a slender small golden tube eyebrow pencil. It feels very textured and the portion is sufficient.The ingredients are also safe, and it is easier to get started than eyebrow powder.

One end is an eyebrow pencil, which is convenient to color, and the other end is a small brush for convenience.The rotation of the pen core is a triangular three -dimensional core. It is particularly convenient when drawing the eyebrow shape. It is also very waterproof.

Lipstick -ysl lipstick

French luxury brands, after classic small gold bars and small silver bars, the Valentine’s Day Limited by the Valentine’s Day launched by YSL2022 continues the slender tube of the brand lipstick series, replaced with a red and black gradient shell, more like a small tobacco pipeIt’s super texture!Zendezi!

The texture of the lipstick is not the same as the traditional velvet lipstick. It focuses on the semi -matte texture of the thin nakedness. Compared with the small gold bar, it has a little more gloss!

It is smoother and easy to push after the mouth, just like creamy texture, without stuck lip lines, there is no sense of presence in the mouth, not heavy!


The retro high -end red -brown tone, the upper face is very gas, the color rendering is very strong, and it does not pick skin color and lip color at all.


One of the flowers!The thin coating is tone, a bit of strawberry color. If the thick coating is more correct, the gas field comes up immediately. The texture is too matte but not dry at all.

The above is the cosmetics I recommend, and I have to be beautiful during pregnancy ~

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