Can you know 7 days of pregnancy?3 How can I not hide the reaction of early pregnancy, pregnant women should pay attention

We all know that for every woman, pregnancy is a process of breeding life.It is said that the process of "in October" is long and exhausted, but it is more happiness and expectations.So specifically, what will happen to the body of pregnant women after pregnancy?

Can you know 7 days of pregnancy?3 Early pregnancy reactions can’t hide. When pregnant women pay attention to pregnancy, when will early pregnancy reactions occur?Under normal circumstances, if the fertilized eggs can successfully bed in women’s uterus, this means that women are pregnant.This process is about 7-10 days after the same room.At this time, the body of the pregnant woman does not feel too much. If the pregnancy test stick or test strip test is used, it may help you to test whether you are pregnant.

However, early pregnancy reactions have the earliest about the third week of pregnancy, such as pregnancy, nausea, loss of appetite, frequent urination, and drowsiness.This category of early pregnancy symptoms will continue until 4 months of pregnancy. Of course, there are some people who will be accompanied by the entire pregnancy. This is caused by different constitutions of each person.Therefore, after a woman is just pregnant, her body basically does not feel much. Generally, it will feel that it will feel at about a month or two.

What is the reaction of 3 early pregnancy that can’t be hid?1. When breast pain is 3-4 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is bed in the uterus. At this time, the ovaries will produce luteum hormone, which will cause the color of the nipple to deeper, the areola around the nipples wider, and the breast will become the breasts will becomeGetting bigger and bigger, you feel breast pain when you touch it.2. In addition to breast pain, in the early stages of pregnancy, the intestinal function of pregnant women will also be attenuated, which also leads to constipation.And at this time, the uterus expands to the bladder, so pregnant women often go to the bathroom when they are pregnant.3. Feeling fatigue If you are in the same room during ovulation, about 10 days, you always feel fatigue and lethargy, not as vitality as before, and accompanied by breast changes, at this time, you must consider whether you are pregnantIt’s right.Because after the fertilized egg is successfully bed, the secretion of lutein will speed up the metabolism of pregnant women, and the energy consumed will increase, which makes women feel tired.4. Basic body temperature increases, and after fear of cold pregnancy, due to the rise of progesterone in the body, the base temperature of pregnant women usually increases by 0.3 ° C ~ 0.5 ° C.After the basic body temperature rises, the human body’s mound brain has become more sensitive to temperature regulation, so it is easier for pregnant women to feel cold.After the placenta development is completed, the body temperature of pregnant women will gradually tend to normal, and the situation of fear of cold will be relieved.Tips Tips: If you are preparing for pregnancy, the doctor will recommend recording the daily body temperature. If the body temperature is slightly higher than usual and it lasts for two weeks, then congratulations, you may have successfully pregnant, and consult your doctor as soon as possible!Can you know 7 days of pregnancy?3 Early pregnancy reactions can’t hide, pregnant women should pay attention!

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