Can you predict pregnancy?The magical body thermometer, the "good pregnancy" strategy takes away

Many patients who prepare for pregnancy or infertility come to our outpatient clinic, and often hear the doctor asks, "What about your temperature gauge? How many days?" They would be very puzzled, what thermometer?You can know if you can ovulate by measuring your body temperature, and you can evaluate whether you are not easy to get pregnant. Is it so amazing?

Basic body temperature (BBT): As the name implies, the body temperature monitored in the basic state.Basic state refers to the state of being awake and very quiet, not affected by factors such as muscle activity, mental tension, food and environmental temperature.It usually means that when you are awake in the morning, you do not move on the bed or speak.Please remember that you do n’t get up, do n’t move, do n’t speak!IntersectionIntersection

Kind tips

1. Measurement method

Because the law of basic body temperature is generally reflected in the temperature value of one after a decimal point, it is recommended to choose water and silver thermometers for measurement.When you go to bed, place the thermometer of the mercury column on the bedside or pillow. After waking up every morning, you will put the thermometer on the bed and close the mouth and close it under the tongue for 5 minutes.Please note that it is closed under the tongue!

2. Record method:

The first day of the menstrual cycle is the starting point, and the temperature is recorded in the order in order, and the small black dots are connected into the line segment, which is the basal body temperature curve.The menstrual period is expressed as "×", and the sexual life date of the husband and wife is expressed at the black spots.When encountering symptoms such as physical discomfort, it is marked below the corresponding date.(The model is as shown below)

The basic body temperature of women changes with the menstrual cycle. In the menstrual period and follicle period (that is, the time when follicles grow up), the body temperature is low, the ovulation date is the lowest, and the luteal will form in the ovaries after ovulation.The body temperature rises by 0.3-0.5 ° C, which usually lasts 12-14 days.When the base temperature drops, my aunt will come to visit you.Typical bilateral temperature

This curve is called a typical bilateral temperature, which means that the luteal function is good. The menstrual period and the low temperature of the follicle period, the minimum temperature of the ovulation day, the temperature of the heating after ovulation is fast, the high temperature is stable, and the high temperature is 13 days.But the sexual life time of the husband and wife is wrong, and the merit is a lot …

Single -phase body temperature

This curve is called single -like temperature without obvious high temperature phases, that is, there is no luteal stage, indicating that there is no ovulation, and generally common patients with polycystic ovary syndrome or patients with abnormal menstrual abnormalities due to ovulation have no ovulation.

Not typical bilateral temperature

This curve is called a typical bilateral temperature, which looks a bit like the first picture, but the temperature is slow after ovulation, and the high temperature phase fluctuates> 0.2 ° C. Some high temperature phases are only 10-11 days.Generally, patients with luteal dysfunction or recurrent abortion are common.

After reading the above three body temperature curves, I believe that it has been full, and now give you a actual combat!IntersectionIntersection

Everyone looked at, do you think this temperature is one -way and without ovulation.If it is a patient with menstruation, this answer is correct.However, if it is a patient with menstrual pushing or polycystic ovary syndrome, because their menstrual cycle is often longer and the eggs start to grow up late, they should be patiently monitored.Understand the size of the follicles and ovulation.

This is the body thermometer of a polycystic ovary syndrome.Patients were treated with acupuncture, and monitored an ovulation on the 29th day of menstruation had a 20 × 20mm advantageous follicles, guiding the same room.After ovulation, the body temperature continues to monitor the body temperature. After ovulation, the body temperature rises 0.3 ° C, and the high temperature phase reaches 16 days. I checked HCG by myself and won the prize!

Therefore, accurately recording the basic body temperature is very helpful for judging ovulation, guiding pregnancy, and treatment of menstrual disease.However, due to various factors, the accuracy of basic body temperature is only about 60%to 70%.Among the infertility patients with BBT bilateral (including typical and non -typical bilateral), about 83%of the follicle development and ovulation defects can still occur about 83%.In addition to ovulation disorders, there may also be rpulomic blocks that cause sperm and eggs to be unable to meet, or there are many factors such as fertilized eggs that cannot be bedd in the uterine endometrium tolerance.Therefore, friends who have a normal sex life have not contraceptive but not more than half a year of pregnancy, and should find a specialist for an individualized cause analysis and treatment.

(Text: Dong Xiaoying, Mo Yingyin, and Shen Ruiyang, Liwan District, Guangzhou City)

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