Can’t do housework when pregnancy?"Two do five do not do" must be kept in mind, both pregnant mothers and fetuses enjoy blessing

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Mom: "The most precious day of a woman in this life is the ten months of pregnancy.

Mother -in -law: "Just pregnant, every woman has to experience, not so coquettish, housework should still be done!"

Whether women do housework after pregnancy, there are two common extremes

Extremely housework: Some people may be because of the helplessness of life, or maybe because there is no pregnancy reaction because of pregnancy, so even if you are pregnant, the housework is full of pregnancy.

A partner of Happy Guo Dad, a woman who delivered it.Then this woman was pregnant, and she was still a twin. Not only was the housework, but even the day before the birth of a child was still delivered.Later, I learned that because of too hard work, the twins were premature, and it was less than 34 weeks.

Do not do the extreme of housework: Some people may be because they are lazy, maybe because of their physical discomfort, or because of their families taking care of more. The entire pregnancy, just eat and drink Lazar to sleep, housework does not need to do it at all.

A colleague of a happy Guo mother, since she became pregnant, whether she was a mother or mother -in -law, or her husband, she would not let her move her fingers, and she was in place.During pregnancy, because of too lack of exercise, it failed to go down, and finally turned to cut.In addition, during a pregnancy, colleagues were close to 80 pounds and almost became "sugar mothers".

As a person who came over, the mother -in -law’s mother also combined with many Baoma’s pregnancy experience during pregnancy, and sorted out whether the pregnancy should be done and what housework to do, hoping to help you in front of the screen.

Can’t do housework when pregnancy?"Two do five do not do" must be kept in mind, both pregnant mothers and fetuses enjoy blessing

"Two do"

1. Easy housework to do

For relatively easy household chores, such as stacking clothes and simple cleaning of hygiene, Happy Guo Mom suggests that pregnant mothers can do it.

In the first place, the relaxed housework is completed, and the family will have more time to prepare nutritional meals, or do other relatively heavy and tired housework;

Secondly, pregnant mothers do some simple housework, which can overcome their lazy minor problems, which is helpful for future parenting.

2. Do it to do housework in the middle and late pregnancy

In the middle and late pregnancy, the state of the fetus is relatively stable. At this time, it is no longer a resting, but a proper exercise.It is also unlikely to walk and yoga, so you can do more housework and exercise yourself.

The above two types of housework are to do. For the fetus and pregnant mothers, they are both "blessings".Because the appropriate housework is actually exercise for pregnant mothers. It can reduce the time of lying down and effectively control the weight of pregnancy. It is naturally very good for the fetus and pregnant mothers.Especially in the third trimester, pregnant mothers do some housework that they can do, and can also help the delivery.

However, there are five situations or housework, and the mother -in -law’s mother is not very recommended to do it.

"Five don’t do"

1. Do not do physical discomfort and housework

Do not force the housework. You must be based on your body comfort.If the body is uncomfortable, then the simple housework may cause harm to the pregnant mother and the fetus.

2. Do not do heavy physical strength, danger, bending housework

One of the previous colleagues in the mother -in -law’s mother, his daughter -in -law has been pregnant for 3 months and feels that she is good, so she doesn’t pay attention to many things.Once, his daughter -in -law reached out to embrace his niece, and the niece was 3 years old.The next day, pregnant women felt uncomfortable. When they went to the hospital for examination, the fetus had stopped the fetus.

Pregnant mothers are only suitable for doing some simple household chores. For housework such as a bit heavy, more dangerous, or need to bend over, steps, and footwork, do not do it.For example, mopping, drying clothes, hugging children, etc. are not recommended.

3. Do not do housework with water

Whether at any stage of pregnancy, pregnant mothers have less housework with water.In the early pregnancy, once the wrestling was wrestled, the probability of abortion was extremely high.

Although the body is relatively easy, the body is relatively easy, but in case of wrestling, the consequences are irreversible;

During the third trimester, the body of the pregnant mother was bulky, and it was easy to wrestle, which led to premature birth.

Happy Guo’s mother suggested that even when pregnant mothers are washing the shower, it is best not to stand directly on the tiles. You can buy a non -slip pad, which can increase friction and greatly reduce the probability of wrestling.

4. Do not do it in the early pregnancy housework

The most preciousness of the whole pregnancy is perhaps in the early stages of pregnancy.Because at this time, the fetus was just settled in the stomach of the pregnant mother, and the family was not very stable.Therefore, the mother -in -law’s mother suggested that the pregnant mother at this time is lazy and do not do anything.

5. Do not do oil fume and heavy pollution housework

We all know that pregnant women such as cosmetics are not available during pregnancy, because chemicals, harmful substances, etc. will hurt the fetus.Similarly, oil fume and heavy pollution housework are also not good for the fetus.So, like fried food, laundering and other housework, teach your husband or other family members!

Happy Guo Mother Sending:

Pregnancy is an extremely common thing, but for every woman, it is an extremely important thing in life.We all hope that the fetus and pregnant mothers can be healthier, so in the pregnancy life, we need to pay special attention to the housework.

Today’s topic: When you are pregnant, have you done housework?

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