Can’t do things during pregnancy

1. The temperature of the bath water is overheated

Pregnant women should not use hot water during pregnancy, everyone must remember!Those who take hot water baths or steam baths in the early pregnancy, the probability of the baby’s neurotic defect is about 3 times.

2. Foods with too salty diet

Excessive salty foods can easily increase the burden on expectant mothers and cause symptoms such as increased blood pressure and edema. Therefore, the pregnant mother’s taste is as light as possible during pregnancy.

3. Nothing or not

Seasoning materials such as pepper, pepper, cumin, spiced powder, etc. can make the dish taste more abundant, but it is also easy to consume water in the body, causing hemorrhoids and constipation.If it is too hard, it is easy to compress the fetus in the uterus, causing restless fetal movement, and even the risk of premature birth.Of course, it is not that spicy food cannot be eaten, but it should be appropriate.

4. It is not suitable to pick up eaters

There are many female friends who have the habit of picking food before pregnancy. This is very bad!Especially people who lose weight during pregnancy should not lose weight during pregnancy. Pregnant women’s imbalanced diet can easily lead to slow fetal growth and severe development.

5. It should not be depressed and sad

Pregnant mothers must avoid emotional ups and downs in the early pregnancy. This is not only not conducive to the development of the fetus, but also seriously causes abortion.Be careful!Pregnant women are calm and comfortable to create a comfortable and comfortable internal environment for the fetus.

In addition, there are some small Tips to share with you!

① Pregnant women in early pregnancy are prone to physical discomfort, and try to avoid driving alone during pregnancy.

② It should not be hot in early pregnancy and dye hair

③ Avoid sports such as running and playing in early pregnancy

④ Electric heating blankets in early pregnancy, the incidence of natural abortion is higher

⑤ Natural secretion during pregnancy decreases, the ingredients of mucus will increase, and wearing contact lenses can easily cause discomfort

⑥ It is best not to contact small animals during pregnancy and prevent infectious diseases

⑦ The smell of perfume is easy to stimulate the pregnant mother’s respiratory tract, cause cough, dizziness and other symptoms, and stay away from objects with strong odor during pregnancy.

⑧ Stay up late for a long time to sleep in early pregnancy, which can easily cause physical resistance to decrease

时间 Do not use hair dryers for a long time and frequently during pregnancy. The stimulation of the noise of the hair dryer is not conducive to the healthy development of the fetus.

时 Pregnant women are on the legs of Erlang during pregnancy, and the fetus will aggravate the pressure of the lumbar spine

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