Can’t keep cats during pregnancy?That’s why you don’t know the bowworm

Many cat -raising families sent the cats who had raised many years after the hostess was pregnant.The culprit is said to this article: Gow -shaped worms

Can I raise cats during pregnancy?

If the hostess is infected with a bowworm, the impact on herself is not too great, but she will be transmitted to the fetus through the mother’s body, which has a fatal impact on the development of the fetus.Is it?Please give our master a chance to explain.

Toxoplasma Gondii is also called three corpse worms, which is an intracellular parasite.Paralywood in the cells, flowing with blood, reaching all parts of the whole body, destroying the brain, heart, and bottom of the eyes, causing human immunity to decrease and suffer from various diseases.It is a specialty cell parasitic, cursive samurai, real balls, etc.There are two hosts in the life cycle. The middle hosts include reptiles, fish, insects, birds, mammals and other animals and people. In the end, the host has cats and cats.

1. People and people can also be transmitted to each other. Most people are hormone -shaped worms, forming an insect immunity. After being infected, it is difficult to develop the symptoms of initial infection.

Urine, saliva, tears, snot, sneezing droplets, and other various body fluids of the infected people are infectious.

2. Family animal, poultry, pet

Pigs, cattle, horses, sheep, dogs, cats, rabbits, and mice and other animals sometimes have bow -shaped worms and live bodies.

Fish is also a source of infection, and all kinds of fish can also become the source of infection.The source of infection includes 45 kinds of mammals, 70 birds, and 5 reptiles. The infection of Toxoplasma is eventually intake through food.Chickens, ducks, geese, and birds are the hosts of Toxoplasma worms. Poultry carcasses or feces infected with bow -shaped worms are infected after eating.

Chickens, ducks, geese, and birds are the hosts of Toxoplasma worms. Poultry carcasses or feces infected with bow -shaped worms are infected after eating.

3. insect

Flies and cockroaches can be contaminated with cysts, and they can be carried, which can cause infection.Some vampire insects can also be infected when biting.

4, environment

Plug -in grassland, pasture, soil, water.Gow -shaped worms can survive in the outside world -soil, water, and grass for a long time, and can live in humid soil for several months or even years.

5. Food

Foods made and produced by infected animals themselves, or these processed by -produced foods are also contagious, such as: dairy products, cream products, egg products, cakes, all kinds of biscuits, snacks, freezing points, sometimes can sometimes be ableBecome a source of infection.Infected insects and birds that are "mechanically carrying germs", foods contaminated, such as vegetables and fruits.There are also foods that do not meet the sanitary standards that can be infectious.

After reading the above -mentioned transmission pathway, the proportion of cats is very small. Cats are mainly infected by hauts and birds by being infected with cats and birds.In the room, cats that do not eat live or water are not easy to be transmitted.Only cats infected for the first time will spread the eggs in the first two weeks.The infected cat dung has a bow-shaped cysts with a bowworm. After the cat is infected, the feces are discharged from the cysts for a long time, only 10-20 days.Capsule needs to develop in the outside world for 1-2 days or longer before it is contagious, so it must be removed daily.

1. Before pregnancy, family members and cats do bow -shaped insects to exclude the possibility of congenital infection;

2. Don’t eat raw food, including cats; the placement of raw food and cooked food should be separated;

3. Choose meat and dairy products that are safe, transparent and meet food standards;

4. The utensils and cat supplies commonly used at home should be washed and disinfected diligently, and replacement if necessary;

5. All family members should pay attention to personal hygiene, clean up and disinfection, and clean up things with rotten and deteriorate, and try to avoid the harm of mosquitoes as much as possible.

6. Clear cat shit in time to increase the frequency of changing cat litter. Cat supplies must also be replaced and disinfected.

7. Pregnant women should avoid intimate contact with cats. Remember not to touch the cat’s excrement. Please give all the rights to other members at home

The toxoplasma is not so terrible. In addition to the cats, there are various ways to infected the toxoplasma worm. Therefore, because this cat that has been raised for several years is sent away, the cat is too innocent.In addition, there are not many cases in the country in the country, and there is no need to be too nervous.

The prevention of Toxoplasma is mainly due to the daily habits of health and science.Finally, if the family and you are really not assured, and you have to send the cat away, then please find a good home, do not simply abandon or give away, it is also accompanying you for a long time of family membersIntersection

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