Can’t keep dogs when pregnancy or cats?The most scientific statement is here

Regarding whether pregnancy can raise dogs and cats, it is basically divided into two factions. One faction resolutely oppose it. I feel that the bacteria on their bodies will cause harm to pregnant women and infants.Instead, it is conducive to the healthy growth of children.

What exactly is it?

1. Let’s talk about the problem of dogs first

Bacteria that cause problems that cause fetal fetuses, in fact, the bow may be the case of the dog.Gow -shaped worms are also called three corpse worms. This parasitic is parasitic in the cells. With the flow of blood, the bow -shaped worm will reach all parts of the whole body, which will seriously affect the brain and heart, and increase the risk of disease.Gow -shaped worms generally exist on cats and dogs. This is an important reason why so many people are unwilling to raise dogs during pregnancy.

It sounds scary.In fact, this is not the case …

First of all, not every dog is carried with bow -shaped worms.

Secondly, even the dogs infected with a bowworm will not be easily transmitted to people.The only way to infection of Toxoplasma is: dog meat that eats infected with toxoplasma.It is said that the toxoplasma gifted is in the cells. The dogs you worry about falling hair, saliva and excrement, there is no toxoplasma in it.

Summary: Unless you eat your dog raw, it may affect the fetus …

2. Let’s talk about the problem of cats

"You need to eat cat shit to infection", "You can’t infected with cat feces", "How many cat feces can be eaten to infect hormone worms." There were many similar remarks before. I do n’t know if you have heard it.

The bow -shaped worm is a parasite. The ultimate host is a cat, so the cat becomes the target of the criticism.

What is the final host?To put it simply, other creatures are coljchctors of toxoplasma. Gow -shaped worms eventually wanted to "reach" cats through these springboards, because only after the cat was infected, the worm cysts shot in the feces were contagious, and then the insects were contagious.It is easier to take a walk in dirt and grass, so that the plan to occupy the Earth to the earth is easier to continue.

Therefore, if a cat is infected, it may be infected with human pollution, and it is not necessary to eat cats.This is why the sound of cats excludes cats is louder than exclusive dogs.


Your cat is not even a chance to be infected!Cats will not change their toxoplasma in their outlets to make cats infected.It is also necessary to let them contact the source of infection, such as capturing prey infected by Toxoplasma wormworms and eating, and eat foods contaminated by bow -shaped worms such as raw meat.

And now, most of the cats in our country can’t go out!They do not eat raw meat, mouse and birds, do not go out to pull out the soil in the green space, only canned finished canned food and cat food.The opportunity to be infected with Toxoplasma has been cut off!

3: Summary

You only need to go to a hospital near your home to detect the toxoplasma antibody -according to the method of different prices ranging from one or two hundred to 1,000 yuan according to the method.

Of course, we must strictly abide by some of the precautions that we are almost familiar with, such as:

● New kittens, especially stray cats during pregnancy.

● Do not feed raw meat for cats.

● Leave the cat in the room to prevent the cat out.

● It is best to bring gloves and wash your hands when shovel.

● Make the replacement of cat litter every day and the high temperature disinfection of cat litter pots.

● Don’t eat dog meat raw

Hahahaha, finally joking.For those who raise pets, cats and dogs have long been a member of the family. If they are pregnant, they will be sent away, and they may also cause the pregnant woman’s mood to be stagnant, but it is not good for the body.

And a lot of concerns are not based on it. As long as you bring your pet’s pet to make a bow -shaped worm antibody detection, you can rest assured that the dogs and cats ~~~

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