Can’t we raise pets during pregnancy?Pediatrician: Do 3 things, rest assured to raise your baby!

Some time ago, there were news reports that a man was thrown down from the 21st floor because his wife was pregnant and threw a golden retriever dog and a beautiful short cat from the 21st floor.After seeing this news, people are distressed, anyway, there are two lives.

Similarly, my friend Oda often saw her in the circle of friends.It is that Oda after pregnancy is as always, and even after the baby is born, there is a warm scene of cats and babies sleeping together.

Now many families, pets are like family members.But after pregnancy, some people always worry that pets will affect pregnant women and children’s health.Do you want to continue to raise pets at home depends on every family.However, we still want to take this popular science that nourishing pets and pregnant baby is not contradictory.

The main reason for worrying about pets affects pregnant women and fetuses is because of Toxoplasma.Gow -shaped worms can infect people and may cause a series of pregnancy problems and fetal malformations.But in fact, the infection of Toxoplasma can be completely prevented. Today we will tell you how to separate from love during pregnancy.

Gow -shaped worms are a single -cell parasitic worm commonly used by humans and animals that can infect almost all constant temperature animals, including pet cats and dogs and humans.Generally speaking, after normal people are infected with Toxoplasma, there is no obvious symptoms. Pregnant women infected with toxoplasma may cause abortion or fetal malformations.

1. Half -life unfamiliar meat

2. Milk that is disinfected without high temperature

3. The fruits and vegetables that are not washed

4. The stool of cats

A cat and dog always gives a bow -shaped insect infection, which is the last point.As the middle host of a bow -shaped worm, the dog is the same as warm blood animals such as birds and pigs. As long as we eat dogs, we will not be infected.

Although the cat is the only ultimate host of a bow -shaped worm, it is not so easy to be infected by the cats by the cat.

Most people infected with toxoplasma worms are exposed to raw meat, appliances, drinking water, soil, etc. that are infected by the toxoplasma ovaries.Because the infected cats will excrete eggs for a short period of time, the possibility of being transmitted by a cat is less likely to be transmitted to people.

1. Diet hygiene

This is a way to eliminate infection from the source, and the illness comes from the mouth.

Full cooking of meat, do not eat half -life food;

Do not drink unexplained raw water; only eat Basal sterilized cow milk;

Fruits and vegetables should be fully cleaned before eating;

Kitchenware, knives, cutting boards, etc. used daily use should be disinfected and cleaned in time.

2. Do a good job of pet cleaning and immune inspection

Clean up pet feces, especially cats every day, try to avoid direct contact.

After pregnancy, the cute pets are giving it to the prospective dad to get it. After cleaning up, wash their hands in time.

Try to feed cat food or cooked food as much as possible, so as not to let it prey outside.

Cats and dogs who are younger in the middle should be immunized or vaccinated for pets.

3. Preparation before pregnancy

On the one hand, the expectant mothers who are preparing to be pregnant are best to conduct pre -pregnancy examinations three months in advance to find that infection of Toxoplasma should be treated before pregnancy. If pregnant women have infected with toxoplasma before pregnancy, they will not be transmitted to the fetus.Women pregnant women should conduct bow -shaped insect disease examinations at 3 months of pregnancy to ensure the health of pregnant women and fetuses;

On the other hand, it is best to start in the inside and outside of the pet.Bring your pets to a special pet hospital for consulting the doctor. You can have a planned deworming and tracking. If you are still very worried, you can also do a healthy medical examination for your pets to see if there are parasites in the body.

In addition, some expectant mothers may be allergic to pets after pregnancy.Therefore, women who want to be a mother can do leather test or antibody testing of cats and dog allergies. According to the results, decide whether to reduce contact with cats and dogs to avoid allergens.

If you are allergic to pet hair or asthma, expectant mothers should try not to contact pets frequently, and wash their hands in time after contact.

In short, infection can be prevented. As long as you pay attention to diet hygiene, do not eat raw meat, do not contact pets of pets, clean up in time and thoroughly and thoroughly wash your hands before meals.You can also send the cute pet to the pet hospital for testing before pregnancy.

If you feel worried about more comprehensive consideration, you can keep your room with your pets, but you can foster, but please do not abandon it or even hurt it.

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