Can’t you raise dogs?

Many pregnant mothers may have been looking forward to such a scene: the baby crawl around the floor, the dogs follow the behind, and from time to time, the baby is raised and the baby … happy and warm.

In many families, pets have become a member of the family, but many saying is that you cannot raise pets during pregnancy, otherwise it will cause fetal malformation or even abortion.

In fact, whether pregnancy can nourish the main symptoms of dogs as bow -shaped worms.

What is a bow -shaped worm?

Gow -shaped worm is a kind of raw worm that can parasitic in cells. The pathway is infected with food contaminated by cats or dogs’ body fluids or feces, as well as blood infection.

The specific method of infection includes eating raw meat or not cooked meat. After contacting raw meat or internal organs, he has no cleaning your hands and exposed to the mouth. He has been in contact with the stool of cats and dogs, and living with a bow with a bowworm.


Toxoplasma disease is a infection caused by Toxoplasma. Normal people are infected with the symptoms of Toxoplasma worms. A few people will have fever, headache, muscle joint pain, and abdominal pain when they are infected for the first time.Self -healing.

However, patients with immune defects are serious after infection, such as AIDS; pregnant women can also be passed to the fetus after infection.

Gow -shaped insect infection to the danger of the fetus

If the infection occurs in the first 3 months of pregnancy, about 40%of the fetus may have serious damage, the most directly leads to miscarriage, death or neonatal disease, or disease or deformity of the eye, brain, or liver after birth, but 3 at the end of pregnancy, 3 pregnancyThe infection of the month is less than 3%in severe cases.

Studies have proved that human infection of Toxoplasma is the most important thing is the disease from the mouth.Therefore, pregnant mothers do not have to panic too much. As long as they are scientifically raised, they are not a problem.

In this way, it is scientifically controlled, and you can raise dogs when you are pregnant

1. Dogs should be kept at home, feed with cooked food or special dog food. Do not eat raw meat and prey outside.

2. Pay attention to daily hygiene. Pregnant women should not come into contact with pets’ excretion. If you accidentally come into contact with, you must wash your hands and seriously in time.

3. Eating meat on the diet must be fully cooked.

4. Related examinations before pregnancy, including the dog’s examination. If the dog has signs of infection, then you must be treated under the guidance of a doctor.

5. During pregnancy, remember to do a good job of dogs and deworming care for dogs. Walk your dogs outside and try not to let it contact the excrement of other dogs and other dogs.

After reading this, you should know it in your heart!Dogs are good partners in our lives. Pay attention to hygiene at all times. Do not worry about the above, you don’t have to worry about pregnancy!

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