Can’t you say just pregnancy?Some people should tell them the first time, it is important

Wen | Tao Ma

There is always a saying that women can’t say after pregnancy, otherwise it is easy to move the fetal gas and it is not good for the fetus.In fact, we have also talked about this statement. In addition to the level of superstition, there are still some reason.If the pregnant woman really cares about it, then you can choose to conceal it.But no matter who pregnant women hide, several people should tell them the first time, everyone is important.

Why is it recommended to say it?

In fact, most of the stars in life are also announced in 4, 5 months of pregnancy, or even giving birth.It also makes sense to do this.Because we all know that the first three months of pregnancy are more sensitive, it is a high incidence of abortion and deformity. If the pregnant woman just knows that she is pregnant, she tells others, but if the child is unfortunately not kept, the impact on pregnant women will be very large.And others already know that they are pregnant. Now the child is gone, and the pregnant woman will feel unable to go.So in order to avoid such things, many pregnant women choose to tell others after 3 months of pregnancy.In fact, no matter whether pregnant women have told others after pregnancy, there are still many things to pay attention to in the early stages of pregnancy.

If you need to pay attention, even if pregnant women choose not to say, these three people should tell them early.

1. Husband

I believe most women will tell her husband as soon as possible after finding that they are pregnant. After all, this is a child who belongs to the two of you.This approach is right. On the one hand, my husband can share this joy immediately after knowing it; on the other hand, if you know that if you are pregnant, your husband will give you more care in all aspects of life.At the same time, if your husband has such a habit of smoking, you must quickly change it.Including the first checkup, it is also best to let her husband go.

2. Parents of both sides

In fact, in addition to her husband, the parents who want to hear this good news most are the parents of both sides.Especially the old people who are urgent to hug their grandsons will dream that you are pregnant.After telling the elderly on both sides, they will be particularly happy.Some elderly people may think about taking care of you after hearing it, so as not to let you be too tired.And like your mother and mother -in -law can share your pregnancy experience and avoid taking more detours.

3. Leader

If you find that you are pregnant during work, it is best to tell your leaders as soon as possible.Because the early pregnancy is very fragile, pregnant women should not be too tired.After the pregnant woman told the leader, the leader will help you reduce some work burdens according to your special circumstances.Or you can help you change a comfortable environment, let colleagues help you, etc.Some units may be afraid of female employees who are pregnant. They believe that they will reduce their work efficiency and even persuade employees to resign.If this is the case, then pregnant women must also consider it carefully between children and work, weigh the advantages and disadvantages and then decide.

Tao Ma said: Pregnancy is a matter of pregnant women. As for not telling others, it is also determined by pregnant women.We don’t need to care too much about some of the strips we mentioned.But for the health of pregnant women and fetuses, the above three people should be told as soon as possible after pregnancy.Who did you tell after you were pregnant?

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