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"Drug flow" at home causes major bleeding

The 23 -year -old Duo (a pseudonym) found that he was pregnant unexpectedly a month ago, because he didn’t want to let the parents or friends around him knew, so she quietly bought the medicine of the drug flow at home.After that, Duo Duo thought it had been successful.

Soon after the first menstruation came, I had irregular bleeding in the lower body of Duoduo. She didn’t know what was going on. She thought that the normal reaction didn’t care too much.A few days later, this situation not only disappeared, but also had symptoms of nausea and pain.

Until one day, the blood flowing out of the vagina was no longer able to protect the sanitary napkins she was put in the panties. She had dripped on the floor and her face became more and more white. She realized that the seriousness of the problem was thatEssence

When Duo Duo went to the hospital for examination, the doctor found that he had severe bleeding after the drug flow was incomplete. Due to the serious situation, life was dangerous at any time.

What is a drug flow?

Drug flow is to use anti -early pregnancy drugs to achieve the purpose of terminating pregnancy.After women are pregnant, a hormone-progesterone is produced in the body, and progesterone is a necessary factor to maintain pregnancy.The combination of the drug with the progesterone in the body decreases the vitality of the progesterone in the body. Once the body is missing, it will cause abortion.

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Women with unexpected pregnancy should not have a drug abortion by themselves. They must go to a regular hospital for treatment and conduct a drug abortion under the supervision of the doctor.Otherwise, the following side effects will occur:

1. It is easy to cause inflammatory infection

The embryo tissue in the uterine cavity of the drug flow can be discharged on the same day. Sometimes the pregnancy tissue is discharged incomplete. The vaginal bleeding time is longer, which can last for 2-3 weeks, or even 1-2 months.Long -term irregular bleeding after the drug flow can cause chronic anemia, reduce physical resistance, and easily cause bacterial infections.

2. Cause major bleeding

The insufficient abortion of drugs is that it is easy to cause miscarriage. The residual fetal membrane tissue can cause blood collapse and cause severe bleeding. It is necessary to immediately be admitted to the hospital for cleaning.

3. Treatment of habitual abortion

Due to the poor thoroughness of the drug flow, the abortion is not possible to be treated with further surgical treatment, which can cause repeated damage to the endometrium, and the prenatal tray occurs, causing major bleeding prenatal bleeding, or habitual abortion.

4. Menstruation disorders

After the abortion of individual women, menstrual disorders can occur, which shows that the menstrual cycle is shortened or extended, and the number of menstruation is increased.Some women can cause dysmenorrhea or aggravate symptoms after the drug flow. The lower abdomen spasm pain or persistent pain during menstrual periods, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, backache, breast swelling, and even severe cases of fainting.

5. Easy to cause infertility

The drug flow is easy to cause the fallopian tube to block and the cervical adhesion, causing infertility; the drug flow is not clean, the clearance surgery is improper, and it may also cause infertility.

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