Case: 15 wives who are pregnant for 7 months, 15 knives, one corpse and two lives!Reasons for the killing of husbands are absurd

In the early morning of May 2, 2014, Chen Yue was lying on the bed over and over. Because of her pregnancy, she had not been able to sleep well for a long time.Now the month is big, the child in the belly supports her belly like a balloon.

Holding this heavy belly, Chen Yue was not lying or not. He often put his body on the bed and opened his eyes to the sun.And the child is not all the reasons for Chen Yue’s restlessness. Her husband Wang Qiang has not returned home for half a month. She should lie next to her husband’s warm body, but now it feels cold.

Where did Wang Qiang go? Why didn’t the phone answer? Is there something wrong with him?With deep concern about her husband, Chen Yue’s consciousness slowly fell into blur.At this time, a sudden blowing in her ear: "Why do you have to hurt me?" Chen Yue thought that she was dreaming, and opened her eyes in confused and saw a fierce face in front of her eyes.

Chen Yue was frightened and immediately sat up, but looked at this face with a closer look.With the moonlight, Chen Yue finally saw it clearly, and then patted his chest: "Pharaoh, you finally come back, why scare me at night." But this Wang Qiang seems to have the same face as Chen Yue’s husband,After listening to Chen Yue’s words, his fierce and serious expression did not change at all, but raised the knife in his hand.

This made Chen Yue very confused. She approached Wang Qiang: "Pharaoh, me, what are you doing with a knife?" Seeing that Chen Yue approached, Wang Qiang roared: "Don’t come over, today I will result in your harm."He pulled Chen Yue and stabbed his knife into Chen Yue’s abdomen.Blood immediately poured out of Chen Yue’s body, and Chen Yue looked at her belly desperately. Her child, the children who had already taken shape were still inside.

Chen Yue screamed in pain, holding Wang Qiang’s hand hard: "Pharaoh, I am Chen Yue! I am your wife, I still have your child in my stomach."Chen Yue made him very excited. He yelled a few times, and once again stabbed his knife into Chen Yue’s body, and he pierced several knives in a row.

Chen Yue’s scream attracted the sister and daughter who lived in the bedroom next door. Everything in front of him couldn’t help exclaiming the two.Sister Wang Jing quickly came to hug Wang Qiang, and the daughter immediately called the emergency call.At this time, Wang Qiang saw that Chen Yue had fell to the ground with his eyes open without any movement.

He also lowered his knife, waved excitedly, and then turned his eyes into Wang Jinghuai.Wang Jing threw him aside and climbed over to see Chen Yue’s situation. Chen Yue was full of blood and his painful complexion was pale. He grabbed Wang Jing’s clothes with his last trace of strength: "Child, my child."

The ambulance arrived, but unfortunately, Wang Jing died due to excessive injuries and excessive blood loss, and the child left the world as his mother left.Wang Qiang, the blood and coma at the scene, asked the police to be unable to start, and could only ask the only sober adult at the scene, Wang Jing.

At the time of the incident, Wang Jing fell asleep with his niece.Both were dead, and they were awakened by Chen Yue’s scream.She did not know why Wang Qiang suddenly hurt his pregnant wife, but Wang Jing said that Wang Qiang could not kill Chen Yue intentionally. He and Chen Yue had a good relationship.He only received himself to his home in order to allow Chen Yue and his child to take care of it better.

It was too strange that all this was. Chen Yue was undoubtedly killed by Wang Qiang, but if he really loved his wife and children, why would he take the life of the two?

Fortunately, the doctor’s diagnosis report gave the police clue, and they detected drug residues from Wang Qiang during the treatment.At this time, Wang Qiang also woke up. Looking at the police sitting in front of him, Wang Qiang was still at a loss.

The police directly showed him the scene photos, and Wang Qiang immediately covered his head pain.Three days ago, Wang Qiang was rushing home with a gift to his wife and daughter. On the road, he saw his former friend Liu Hao.Liu Hao was the person Wang Qiang knew during drugs. When he saw Wang Qiang, Liu Hao suddenly started his idea.

Wang Qiang’s family was in good family. Parents opened a furniture processing plant with carpenter technology. As the only heir, Wang Qiang was full of his hands.After marrying a wife and having a child, Wang Qiang felt that life was unpalatable. In order to seek excitement, he followed others to take drugs.He also lost most of the money at home, and also led his ex -wife to divorce him.

On February 24, 2010, Wang Qiang was forced to isolation and detoxification by the Longgang Police Station of Hefei Public Security Bureau for two years.This allowed him to get rid of the control of drugs and temporarily restore his normal life.After that, he fell in love with Chen Yue. The two had a good relationship and got married quickly after half a year in love.For his wife, Wang Qiang decided to live a good life and hid all the drugs at home to the depths of the cabinet.

But his family business has basically been defeated by him, and it is not easy to want Dongshan to come back.When Wang Qiang touched the wall everywhere, Chen Yue was pregnant, and the livelihood at home was pressed on Wang Qiang.The pressure made him pick up the drug again, but he could still restrain himself in front of his wife.

When he was on a business trip alone, Wang Qiang was completely obsessed with the pleasure brought by the drug.This made him forget the difficulties of reality, and Liu Hao just happened to invest and introduce him to the new methamphetamine.This drug can paralyze the nerves of people, allowing Wang Qiang, who has absorb methamphetamine, has an illusion.In the car, Wang Qiang’s mind was unclear. When he was at home, he actually regarded the sleeping wife as a female ghost who wanted to harm his ghost.

He took a knife from the living room to defend. Seeing that the female ghost approached him, he stabbed the female ghost with a knife, and this was why Chen Yue’s death.It is said that Wang Qiang, who passed the entire passing, has been crying, but now it is too late to regret it. No one can save the poor Chen Yue and the children she are about to be born.

On January 30, 2015, the Hefei Intermediate People’s Court publicly tried the case.The prosecution accused Wang Qiang’s behavior of intentional homicide, and the death penalty, life -free or more than 10 years in prison shall be sentenced to death in accordance with the law.However, Wang Qiang was unconscious at the time of committing the crime. After identification, Wang Qiang was a person who restricted the behavior of the behavior.And Wang Qiang’s relatives gave Chen Yuefang a compensation of 1.1 million yuan, and obtained the criminal understanding of Chen Yue’s family members. The court may comprehensively punish the situation from light.

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