Cervical examination is more painful than Yin Chao …

This is the first article in the beginning number. Because of the luck, some things and stories during pregnancy are recorded. I hope to help Jimei who are pregnant, you can see a bit of reference.

As of today, I have been pregnant for 12 weeks+5 days. Compared with a few days ago, my body has been much easier these days, especially my bloating feel is gone.Last Friday, I went to the hospital to build a big card. I might as well talk about the process and matters of building a big card. It is really a very tedious process to say.I chose to go to the First People’s Hospital for Jianda Card. The reason is that the subway is more convenient. The distance between the electric vehicle is 7 kilometers, which is also more convenient. The triple hospital is guaranteed.

I got up early on Friday in the morning and wanted to take a taxi to the hospital.Taxi that are easy to queue up, and after paying 4 yuan, they walked towards the subway station.Many hospitals in Magic Capital cannot use social security, and registered is no exception.Before encountering the obstetrician’s nurse doctors, I did not know that there was such a rule. Later doctors asked to replace it with their own expense, and they had to find a trouble for themselves.

After everything is ready, first fill in some information on the obstetrics of the obstetrics and weight, fill in the obstetrics desk.Be sure to fill in relatively complete, including the husband’s unit and information.After everything was ready, the nurse who found the obstetrics checked the relevant procedures. After they entered the information again, they mixed with help to scan some public accounts or maternal and child advertisements during the period.

Seeing a obstetrician, after asking a series of basic questions, the doctor will issue a lot of examination forms, including the test and future inspection today. If you want to check in the future, the doctor will help the time, keep these diagnostic forms, check the examination, and check the examination.When you are responsible for inspection, you will ask.Then it was to pay the fee. The first payment cost was 2,900 yuan, nearly 3,000 yuan, and then went to various departments for inspection according to the item that the doctor informed.B -ultrasounds are all swiping cards, and blood drawing numbers can be collected without the use of social security cards. There is no experience. After checking the other only to get the number, wait for more than 20 numbers. The ECG is quite fast.No one queued up, and the results of the urine test for about 1 hour. It takes several days to draw blood. The electrocardiogram and the B -ultrasound singles are immediately out of the list.

Because the results of the inspection that day are not immediately released, and there are many first examination items, and they cannot be checked in one day. Therefore, many lists checked on the day, doctors will take it to help.When the BMW gets the results, you can take a picture first, so as not to check the fog.

When you get a report on the day of the results, go to the doctor, and you will also do a test, cervical examination, and to me, this examination is really a bit painful, but this step isPay attention to relaxation, don’t be nervous, otherwise it is inevitable for a while. It is a bit scared to think about it.

In this process, Chinese doctors will communicate with the inspection of Tang Si and non -invasive. In fact, in general, Tang Si is enough, but Tang Si is not invasive, and my head is aggressive. The non -invasive price is 1800 yuan.To be honest, it is very expensive. If I have the opportunity to choose again, I should choose Tang Si.But since I chose it, then this is so good, too lazy to tangle.

Holding things just checked and handing over the relevant inspection department. The inspection department said that the results were out for 1 hour. I was a little too lazy to wait because the doctor said that he could go back because it would come back next Friday. So go back for the time being.

The experience of building a card, as above, take the second time to the hospital to complete the examination, and then record it …

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