Chen Sanwu’s sister Xuan Huai Xuan Huai Huaixiu, found bleeding on the second day of pregnancy, and the fetus was protected for one and a half months before leaving the risk.

These anchors in the net red circle, everyone is mixed in the circle they are familiar with, and after a long time, they will be deducted by fans with different names.For example, Han An Ran was a "wedding blogger". He only got married and divorced 3 times at the age of 20.

And Dou’er is "born with a baby blogger". It was only 7 months old, and she was pregnant with 2 babies. She had a child in the middle. This speed was really incredible.There is a fight with Dou’er, Chen San’s daughter -in -law and sister.

At the beginning, Chen Sanluo’s account was "family business". The whole family took the account to share this account. Sometimes everyone couldn’t figure out which Chen San was abolished and which was a sister. Later, he slowly recognized several key characters.

Don’t look at Chen San’s abolition and his wife less than 30 years old, but they are already the parents of 3 children. Now his wife has prevented 4 babies, and now it is almost 4 months.

Vaguely remembered that my sister was pregnant and gave birth to a baby in the past two years, and then Chen San was abolished his wife with a third child. I did not expect that now his wife was pregnant with 4 babies, and the sister announced that she had two babies.of.

My sister and her husband have known each other for 10 years. I have a daughter in my child. Now I am a few years old. When I was fighting for the second child, my sister had suffered a lot, pregnant in the middle, and then stopped the fetus.To urge the excrement, finally, at the end of February, found that he was pregnant with a second child.

As a result, Chen San was just found out of pregnancy, and the bleeding occurred the next day. She was worried that she would have a miscarriage. She chose to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

After a doctor diagnosed, she suffered from aura abortions. According to the amount of bleeding, she had a fetal protection under the advice of the doctor.The doctor told her that it is a good thing to keep it, and it is not sad to keep it, indicating that this is the survival of the fittest, and the next child will be better.

In order to increase the values during the fetal period, my sister had to take a needle to protect the fetus almost a few days. On the eighth and fifteenth days, the progesterone value did not rise until the nt was checked.The lowest line just over the normal value.

After a month and a half of the fetus, Chen San’s sister’s sister finally escaped. This was the first time that she had been pregnant with two babies, and finally she didn’t have to worry about it.

Because she is not easy to be pregnant, my sister also reminded all pregnant mothers that there are things that can not be eaten and what to eat, and pay attention to rest and nutrition to welcome the baby’s arrival.

My sister was pregnant with a second child. It was really a gratifying thing, but netizens felt that the women of the Chen family could compare, and even gave birth to children than having a birth!

Chen San’s wife’s wife was pregnant with four babies, and her sister ran out and chaos again. Doesn’t it mean the account of "Chen Sanwa".Here I think there is a kind of anxiety of having a baby.

It is not recommended that Chen Sanluo’s sister and wife are pregnant, but that the two do not need to be so close. If they don’t know, they think they can get a child to get a child.Chen San’s abolition also has a sister. If you marry in the future, wouldn’t three women pregnant and give birth to baby at the same time?Isn’t this going to make the Chen family busy?

It feels that compared with these two women in the Chen family, Hou Er is really a little witch, and the three people are not in the same position.Well, this is here today’s sharing. I don’t know if you see it, do you think Chen San’s wife and sister are a warrior?

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