Chicken and duck hormone, catfish feed contraceptives, is these 9 hormone problems real?

[Original Dr. Lilac] In food, the word "hormone" seems to have the original sin.No matter what you only need to stick to the "hormone", you can always cause anxiety and panic.

When children are sexually precocious, they can always find "XX food containing hormones" as the culprit.

The older men were worried that the estrogen in the food would make himself "mother", and he was suspicious all day long.

Adult women are even more entangled. While worrying about the insufficient estrogen, they will lose their charm.

Is it true or false, can’t figure it out?

Dr. Lilac asked the doctor of food engineering to do a full inventory.

1. Chicken and ducks are cooked by hormones?

No need to tangled.

There are indeed fast -moving chickens and ducks, but there are three reasons for them: excellent varieties, careful formula feed, and breeding conditions optimized for rapid growth.

After doing these points, it only takes 5 to 6 weeks to come out in the cage.

The "use of hormones" that everyone thinks of mistakes does not actually promote chicken and duck growing up, but may cause increased chicken and duck mortality rates.Moreover, countries around the world are not allowed to use hormones to raise chickens.

Second, cottage is cooked by contraceptive pills?

No tangled.Once scientific experiments have shown:

Contrastable pills not only do not allow catfish to grow faster, but also cause death.

What should I do if there are farmers who listen to the legend?Don’t worry, it will not become a common phenomenon.

Because the contraceptive pill is not cheap, how many farmers will always try it?

Third, milk powder and milk have hormones, can’t drink?

Yes, milk powder and milk do naturally contain a certain amount of estrogen.

And … there are estrogen in breast milk, and the content is often higher.

Since there are breast milk, everyone has been drinking, and it is so big to live now. What are you worried about?

Fourth, honey and royal jelly have hormones?

Many people (including some experts) believe that "bee jelly contains natural hormones", especially royal jelly.

However, the inspection of the document will find that the reported hormone content is not possible to have a physiological effect on the human body.

Then there is no need to tangled.

Fifth, toad paste, purple car car contain estrogen, very nourishing?

Toad cream (fat near female toad tubes), Zihe car (human placenta), etc., are a bit special, after all, their output parts are not ordinary.

They naturally contain animal hormones, and they may have more content, and they are eaten by some friends as "nourishing".

But to remind everyone to pay attention:

1. There is no legendary function in these things.

Instead, because of their complicated components, there are many uncertainty and eating risks, and there is no need to eat at all.

2. After cooking and heating, how much is left for hormone activity?It’s not clear at all.

Six, kiwi cucumber strawberry medicine for "plant hormone"?

"Botanical hormone" is correctly speaking "plant growth regulators". Generally speaking, rootless water, swelling agent, and cooked agent.

Their "hormone" effect is effective for plants.

Just like the sperm of pollen as a plant can only make plants fertilize.If their "hormone activity" is worth worrying, then women should worry about whether they will get pollen and get pregnant when they are enjoying flowers.

They will change the growth of vegetables and fruits. Some fruits and vegetables are not as mature as natural in flavor, and some have a slight difference in nutritional composition, but there is no problem in safety.

No need to tangled.

Seven, tofu soy milk contains "plant estrogen"?

Natural "plant estrogen" or active ingredients, such as soy isoflavones and lignin, can be said to be the real "plant source estrogen."Because they are structurally like human estrogen, they can also bind to human estrogen receptors, so they have weak estrogen activity.However, it was not the first time we said:

This estrogen activity has a "two -way adjustment function".

1. If the estrogen in the body is insufficient

Then they can be combined with those "surplus" estrogen receptors, so that they can add a little estrogen activity.

2. If there are too many estrogen in the body

They occupy the position of estrogen and make some estrogen lose their use of martial arts.And their own activity is low, and they generally reduce the adverse effects of estrogen.

As for the relationship between their specific intake and physiological functions, scientists are not comprehensive.

If it is just the amount of eating normally, the "good" and "bad" effects are very small, and it is not worth tangling.

If you want to take additional supplements (or health products), you need to be cautious, at least seek the guidance of the doctor before deciding.

8. Is there "estrogen -like" in the environment?

It is worth paying attention to.

The so -called "estrogen -like" refers to the substances that are not similar to estrogen in the molecular structure, but can interfere with the human hormone function.These substances are in the environment and are also pollutants themselves.

Such as plasticizers, insecticides, herbicides, sterilizers, some organic pollutants (such as polychromic benzene, two evil English), some washing products, some heavy metals (such as lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.).

The reality is a bit cruel, we can’t completely avoid them, we can only minimize contact.

Nine, how to treat "hormones"?

1. All legends of "food containing hormones" are not tangled.

Just buy food from regular channels.This is not only to avoid the "hormone" problem, but also to reduce other food safety risks.

2. About childhood precocious puberty

In fact, there is no clear incentives, but the legendary hormones of food are almost impossible.What you really need to pay attention to is:

Try to reduce contact with environmental estrogen, avoid children’s obesity, and seek medical treatment in time.

Dr. Lilac, please do not reprint; Author: Yun Wuxin; Editor: Li Bad.Picture source: 123RF gallery.

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