Children repeatedly "pneumonia"?Is there a "sputum doll" at home?Come, the doctor teaches you a few tricks

Xiaoxiao (pseudonym) is a premature infant with only 4 pounds at birth.My mother was pregnant 3 times, and she finally gave birth to her.

However, she has poor physique since she is a child.Due to the cough all year round and full of "sputum", she is the "sputum doll" in everyone’s mouth.

Whenever she "sputum is strong", she means going to the hospital to report, and Xiao Xiao’s parents are very worried.After careful examination by the doctor, all this is because–

Chronic lung disease!

In the past one or two years, she is "pneumonia"

Up to 10 in hospital

Xiaoxiao, 9, weighs only 40 pounds, which is equivalent to normal 6 -year -old children’s weight.In the past two years, she was hospitalized more than 10 times due to "bronchial pneumonia".

Although the antibiotics of more than 1 week of hospitalization are hospitalized, this "sputum" is still one after another.

In the end, Xiaoxiao was transferred to the Department of Respiratory Department of Shenzhen Children’s Hospital.

CT CT examination tips: pneumonia and bronchial dilatation, bronchial mirror inspection see a large amount of pus, sputum, can suck out the sputum embossed tissue … In the end, through genetic testing, Xiaoxiao was diagnosed as:

Primitive cilia motor disorder

This is a chronic lung disease.There are many small cilia on our respiratory tract. These cilia will swing periodically to discharge the sputum in the respiratory tract out of the body.

And Xiaoxiao’s cilia on the respiratory tract naturally lost the function of swinging, and there was no way to discharge the sputum in the body, so it would cause the "sputum" problem.

Pneumonia recurrence

Form a "malignant cycle"

Before formulating Xiaoxiao’s lung rehabilitation plan, the doctor first comprehensively evaluated her whole body condition. There were 5 major problems: there were 5 major problems:

• How sticky sputum

• Cough weakness

• malnutrition

• Frequent exercise development

• Repeated infection

We all know that there are many bacteria in sputum.

If the accumulation of phlegm in Xiaoxiao’s body is too long, it is very easy to cause repeated pneumonia.General phlegm treatment is just "the score of slowing soldiers."After a long time, it will reunite again.

what to do?Repeated pneumonia made Xiaoxiao suffer.This is a vicious cycle chain.

After clarifying the cause, in addition to conventional anti -infective treatment, the respiratory doctor also tailored a set of lung recovery plans for Xiaodiao-

Doctor teach you a few tricks

Help children "lung recovery"

01 Give your baby sputum

Through a series of technologies clearing through the airway, such as atomization (airway wetness), back, back, position drainage, cough and sputum training, etc., it can help the baby excrete the sputum in the body and improve the cough weakness.Condition.

02 Breathing training

In order to increase the baby’s lung capacity, the doctor arranged the training method of breathing for Xiaoxiao.

By blowing bubbles, strips, running, etc., you can also exercise your child’s lung capacity.Run also helps her limb movement function.

03 Nutrition Guidance

Doctors have also developed professional nutritional meals to help children improve malnutrition problems caused by chronic pulmonary disease.

04 Prevention infection

In order to prevent the baby’s lung disease from infection, it is necessary to open the window, wash hands, take clothes, and take vaccines in time.

Of course, the real lung rehabilitation treatment is far more than that, nor is it unchanged.

In more than a year, Xiaoxiao’s degree of lung disease, tolerance, physical fitness, and nutritional status have continued to change. The corresponding airway clearing technology, breathing/exercise training methods and nutritional intake suggestions have also changed.


Xiaoxiao’s sputum volume is significantly reduced

Number of lung infection

Also decreased significantly

Xiaoxiao finally got rid of the title of "sputum doll", and never was hospitalized because of "pneumonia".In the past year, weight increased by less than 2 pounds, and her weight increased by 6 pounds in the past six months, and the exercise ability has also increased.

Like Xiaoxiao

Children with chronic respiratory diseases

There are many, many, many–

•premature baby

• Resterience Deformal

• Lung Microbiology

• Neuropathy

• Children with critical condition such as genetic metabolic disease and severe pneumonia

For these children and their families, how to get high -quality long -term survival is a big problem.For the links of respiratory dysfunction, planning and targeted lung rehabilitation treatment is essential.

The Department of Respiratory Department of Shenzhen Children’s Hospital has carried out children’s lung rehabilitation projects in 2019, transported specialist talents to Hong Kong for further studies, learned mature experience in respiratory rehabilitation management, and gradually formed its own children’s respiratory rehabilitation management system.

In order to allow more children with chronic respiratory diseases to get scientific diagnosis and treatment and let more children grow up healthily, our hospital respiratory department has specially opened lung rehabilitation clinics since June 22, 2020. The scope of the clinic is as follows:

Treatment time:

9: 00-12: 00 every Monday, 9: 00-12: 00 on Friday,

Section of the clinic:

Respiratory clinic on the third floor of the outpatient department


Chief Physician Zheng Yuejie, Bao Yanmin Chief Physician

Main treatment of diseases:

✔ Chronic lung disease

Severe pneumonia (recovery period, sequelae period)


Bybonal lung dysplasia

Occascular pinetitis

Bronchial expansion

Prolonged bacterial bronchitis, etc.

形 Breathing tract deformity

Qi deformity

Circular/bronchial narrowing

Tram/bronchial softening

Bronchial bridge, etc.

病Ploppy single genetic disease

Cystic fibrosis

Primitive cilia motor disorder

Maintable inter -quality lung disease, etc.

疾 Neuromuscular disease (suffering from respiratory system)

Spinal atrophy

Jilan Barley syndrome

Spinal cord injury

Cerebral paralysis

Muscle malnutrition, etc.


Children need to be supported by long -term auxiliary ventilation (including innovation and non -invasive ventilation)

For a long time after the trachea is cut

Those with long -term sputum discharge due to weak respiratory muscles, abnormal vocal cord movement, swallowing dysfunction or damage to cough mechanism


Shenzhen Children’s Hospital Children’s Disease Transport Center

24 -hour transfer of children with crisis Tel:


Consultation telephone for referral consultation:


(8: 30-11: 30,15: 00-17: 00)

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