# China Action 2030# forwarding!In the nine aspects, what should I do if the pregnant mother is "Yang"!

Recently, with the development of the epidemic, how to do my self -health protection has become the focus of society.Pregnant mothers or expectant mothers who are already preparing for pregnancy are very concerned. What should I do if I have a new crown?Will there be any impact on the fetus?What symptoms should go to the hospital for medical treatment?Can breastfeeding be fed during breastfeeding?… …

The pregnant mother does not belong to the new crown infection with high -risk people. Because of the safety of fetuses, it belongs to a special population.

The infection rate of new crowns infected with new crowns and ordinary people is close, and the types of symptoms are close to:

There may be dry throat, cough, runny nose, sore body, fever, etc., usually getting better in three or four days, about seven days and a course of disease.

Judging from the current monitoring data, infected with the new crown pregnant mothers, it will basically not affect the health of the fetus and newborn.

There is no evidence that the new coronary pneumonia virus can pass through the placenta to infect the fetus. Most of the new crown -positive positive of the pregnant mother of Omircor is asymptomatic or mild, so there is no need to worry too much.

However, when the symptoms of pregnant mothers are very serious, symptoms of severe infection such as dyspnea and unclear consciousness, or when the baby is a premature child, some newborn complications may occur, such as respiratory diseases.

At home or unit, pay attention to the often ventilation of the room and keep the air flow.

Pay attention to protection when you go out, try to reduce the dense and closed places.

When you come to the hospital for a regular checkup, make an appointment in advance and do a 48 -hour nucleic acid test to reduce the stay in the hospital.Please pay attention to wear N95 masks or medical masks throughout the process. It is recommended to wear gloves, pay attention to hand hygiene, and wash your hands after inspection.

After returning home, properly handle the mask, change clothes in time, wash your hands and face your face frequently.

There is no evidence that the new coronary virus is spread through breast milk. No new coronal virus is found in breast milk, and breast milk is safe.However, we must be alert to the risk of droplets, hand and breast contact, it is more difficult to implement.

Therefore, breastfeeding mothers infected with new crowns do not recommend breastfeeding directly. Priority is recommended to squeeze out breast milk and breastfeed by others.You need to wear a mask before squeezing the breast milk, wash your hands strictly, and do a good job of breast hygiene. After the milk suction, the breast pump should be standardized and disinfected.

During breastfeeding mothers, breast care should be done during the stop breast milk. It is necessary to avoid mastitis caused by milk accumulation, but also to prevent the suspension of breastfeeding milk and the occurrence of milk recovery.

It is best to disinfect the single interval with independent bathrooms, toilets, trash cans and other corresponding items, and wash their hands frequently.

When contacting the family, both sides have to wear N95 masks to reduce unnecessary contact. When you are alone, you can not wear a mask.Open the window frequently to keep the indoor air circulation.Disinfection and disinfection alone.

You can use Internet hospitals or WeChat to keep in touch with doctors, discover abnormal conditions in time and seek medical treatment.

If the symptoms are mild or asymptomatic, there is no need to treat, let alone take medicine to prevent new coronal virus infections.Pay attention to rest, drink plenty of water, and increase foods rich in vitamins and protein.

If you only have symptoms such as dry throat, itchy, slight sore throat, and nasal congestion, you can drink an appropriate amount of honey water, lemonade, honeysuckle or chrysanthemum water to relieve the symptoms.

Obvious symptoms, pay attention to medication!

▶ If the symptoms are obvious or fever occurs, the body temperature is close or exceeds 38.5 degrees Celsius, you can choose the antipyretic analgesic drugs, such as orally to take the acetyistophenol tablet.The use of maternal and infant risks related to the use of acetaminophen during pregnancy is generally safe and can reduce the related maternal and infant risks caused by fever.

▶ Other proprietary Chinese medicines such as Lianhua Clear Plague, Clear Granules, etc. (Do not superimposed), cough, cough and phlegm acetylcysteine, Chuanbei syrup, etc., need to take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

▶ If there is a high fever for 2-3 days, it does not relieve, shortness of breath, or conscious fetal movement abnormalities, etc., you need to go to the hospital for treatment.

Do you want to go to the hospital during pregnancy?

Obstetric factors, that is, the discomfort caused by pregnancy itself. The following situations should go to the hospital in time: repeated irregular vaginal bleeding or vaginal fluid, abnormal blood pressure, chest tightness and shortness of breath.

Non -producing factors, the situation of medical treatment includes: long fever time or body temperature exceeds 39 ° C, or fever again after the symptoms improve; headache, severe sore throat and symptomatic treatment have not improved; dyspnea, breathing, purple lips, chest pain, chest painOr the heartbeat is accelerated; severe nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea; nasal congestion, runny nose, cough for more than 10 days without relieving or stuffy nasal congestion, runny nose, cough seriously affecting daily life such as sleep rest; other concerns or unsure.

Mother -in -law is yang. If there is a severe symptoms of fever, cough, and nasal congestion occur, medication can be used. The use of drugs is the same as during pregnancy.Without symptoms, no treatment can be treated.

More and more data and research of pregnant women’s vaccination of new crown vaccines. At this stage, it shows that the new crown vaccine is safe and beneficial for the health protection of women and babies during pregnancy before and during pregnancy.

New crown vaccine during lactation does not affect breast milk.

During the pregnancy, no pregnancy is needed after vaccination with a new crown vaccine.

In particular, women who have lived in high -risk areas for a long time, or are engaged in medical work, etc., women who have high virus exposure risks during pregnancy can be voluntarily considered whether they are voluntarily considering whether to regulate related contraindications under the guidance of obstetrics and gynecologists or prevention of health medicine doctors.Vaccination with new crown vaccine.

In order to avoid going to the hospital to increase the possibility of cross -infection and alleviate the pressure of the hospital’s consultation, for non -necessary check -up items, it is recommended that the pregnant mother who has infected the new crown delays the birth check.There is no abnormal situation of obstetric factors, minimize the number of times to go to the hospital.

But at these 4 categories of production inspections of the corresponding pregnancy week, do not miss: 11-13+6 weeks: early Tang family screening+early NT screening; 14-20 weeks: medium -term Don screening, pregnant women with high risk factors, there are pregnant women with high risk factors.You can choose non -invasive DNA or amniotic fluid puncture, etc.; 20-24 weeks: ultrasonic screening during the middle pregnancy (large deformed or system B -ultrasound examination); 24-28 weeks: OGTT screening (diabetes screening).

The pregnant mother who has been infected with the new crown shall be in an orderly production inspection in accordance with the relevant provisions of the already appointment of the hospital’s inspection hospital.

In addition, pregnant mothers who are 35 and above, obese, and complications, especially hypertension, diabetes, or pregnant mothers with more than one kind of complication or unlimed vaccine, need to pay special attention to their own health protection.


After the pregnant mother is infected

Symptoms of symptomatic treatment

Don’t be too anxious without symptoms

Believe in science and obey your doctor’s order


Chief physician Liu Duoduo

Deputy Dean of Xi’an Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital

Executive Member of the First Chinese Research Hospital Society of Mother Heart Diseases during Pregnancy

Experts from Shaanxi Province Hypertrophic Cardcle Discipline Consultation Center

Deputy Chairman of the Severe Severe Professional Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Society

Professional direction: fetal medicine, high -risk pregnancy, premature birth prevention, cervical rings.

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