Chinese medicine teaches you how to relieve early pregnancy reactions

Early pregnancy reaction means that the nausea, vomiting, appetite, and general weakness of pregnant women in early pregnancy are generally disappeared in 3 months of pregnancy. Multi -pregnant women’s early pregnancy reactions are usually more serious than the early pregnancy reactions of a single pregnant woman.Why is there an early pregnancy reaction?How should I relieve early pregnancy?In response to these issues, the master’s degree in obstetrics and gynecology in Rongchang District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sun Ajuan, a Chinese medicine doctor, answered.

Why is early pregnancy reaction?Sun Ajuan said that it is related to two factors, including endocrine factors and the mental factors of pregnant women.Endocrine factors mainly refer to the level of pill membrane promoting glandular hormone in pregnant women, which is also the rise of HCG levels that we often say. Environmental factors refer to emotional changes such as excessive nervousness, anxiety, depression and other emotional changes in pregnant women have an early pregnancy reaction.

What should pregnant women do?Sun Ajuan introduced that first of all, we must accept and allow the body to spitting this situation, rest, maintain a comfortable mood, eat light diet, eat less meals, avoid empty stomach, spicy irritation, and greasy food;It is difficult to relieve and aggravate, and the symptoms of signs such as weight loss, even abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding should be treated in time to treat it in time to treat it.

Is there any way to relieve early pregnancy reactions in Chinese medicine?In response to this problem, Sun Ajuan introduced several methods:

1. Zusanli acupoint injection vitamin B6 injection liquid, the Zusanli acupoint is outside the calf, 3 inches under the forefront of the outer knee, a horizontal finger from the anterior edge of the tibia, is also a commonly used health acupoint;

2. Press or knead in the Neiguan acupoint, Zusanli acupoint or Zhongya acupoint. The Neiguan acupoint is on the side of the forearm, the palm of the wrist is 2 inches, and the middle acupoint is on the front of the abdomen.

3. Paste acupoint application can be selected with Chinese medicine and mixed with ginger juice and put on the ginger juice to reconcile, and apply it to the above acupoints;

4. Ear acupoint press: Take the king without leaving the ears and the ears, you can choose the god door and the internal secretion points;

5. You can resolve the Chinese medicine soup to alleviate the early pregnancy response. Of course, Chinese medicine can be taken frequently.

Sun Ajuan reminded that if the method mentioned above cannot alleviate the symptoms of pregnant women, pregnant women should go to the hospital in time.(Contribution of Rongchang District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital)

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