Chongqing Changshouyi Hospital first mistakenly sends the fetal protection medicine into anticancer drugs to cause pregnant women to make pregnant women choose not to leave the fetus themselves

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Recently, after Ms. Fu, Chongqing Changshou District checked her body at the local maternal and child health and maternity service center, the hospital’s pharmacy actually sent "fetal medicine" into "anticancer drugs".Although the hospital acknowledged that she was wrong, Ms. Fu and her family had to choose the "going" of the fetus in the abdomen.

On the morning of January 14th, the cover news contacted Ms. Fu and her husband, Mr. Zeng.Because Ms. Fu was hit by this incident too much, she was so painful that she could not communicate with outsiders.

Chongqing Changshou District Maternal and Child Health and Maternity Service Center

The hospital gives the wrong medicine

Pregnant women’s fetuses may become "tires"

Mr. Zeng said, "There is no way to make a choice."Two months ago, Ms. Fu found that she was pregnant and made her very happy.But the happiness of a baby is about to end abruptly on January 2.

On the same day, Ms. Fu accompanied her family to go to the Changshou District Maternal and Child Health and Maternity Service Center to check her body. The doctor diagnosed her signs of abortion. It was recommended that the fetus was preserved and a prescription for fetal protection was issued.Unexpectedly, Ms. Fu received a call from the hospital at more than 7 pm, and the other party said that "the medicine was wrong"!Unfortunately, Ms. Fu had taken the wrong medicine at this time.

Mr. Zeng said that at the time, the doctor’s prescription for his wife was: luteal soft capsules and nourishing kidney childbirth pills.However, the pharmacy staff made the "luteal ketone soft capsule" into a "citrus citrate Torimen tablet", which was a drug for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer. It clearly shows that pregnant women are disabled.

"I also wrote the dosage daily, twice a day, one capsule each time." Ms. Fu said, "I am the first time I am pregnant, I have no experience, and I don’t know what the specific effect is the name of each drug., I completely believed in the hospital. I took the medicine. "

After learning that she took the medicine that she should not take, she found the hospital to ask for problems that may occur.The Maternal and Child Health Fertility Service Center of Changshou District acknowledged their work errors and also apologized to the lady.As for the solution, the hospital gave two options: First, the fetus was retained. The doctor in the center said that when the fetus was selected, they would conduct regular delivery for the fetus.The disease is corrected, but the risks are jointly borne by the hospital and Ms. Fu; the second is to abortion for Ms. Fu Fu to kill the fetus.

Ms. Fu took the wrong medicine for the "citrus citrus pornographic tablet" prohibited by pregnant women.

The doctor’s prescription stated that the drug name was "luteal ketone soft capsules and nourishing kidney childbirth pills".

The hospital recommends "it is best not to be a child"

The parties can’t accept the almost collapse

On January 14th, the cover news came to Changshou to contact Ms. Fu’s husband and wife. Her husband, Mr. Zeng told the cover reporter that on the morning of that morning, they and the Changshou District Maternal and Child Health Fertility Service Center, the Changshou District Health and Health Committee, and the main city of Chongqing came here.An obstetrics and gynecologist communicated.

At the same time, the expert also cooperated with longevity and local doctors to deal with the lady.Experts told Ms. Fu’s couple that because Ms. Fu’s citrate citrus citrus picillin tablets have no clinical data taken by pregnant women during the development and production process, they cannot estimate what consequences will be generated after taking it.

Through inquiries, the cover news reporter learned that the disease targeted by the citrus citrate tablet is "positive or unknown breast cancer of the postmenopausal women’s estrogen receptors."At the same time, the drug instructions clearly stated that this product found that reproductive toxicity was found in animal tests.Due to the lack of data for women’s taking this product during pregnancy and lactating women, women disable this product during this period.

Therefore, whether to retain the fetus, the hospital gave this choice to Ms. Fu and her family.

However, this choice is extremely difficult for Ms. Fu and her husband."Because my wife is more emotional, I have been crying, and I went home after simply doing the consultation."Not mentioned.The obstetrics and gynecologist of the Maternal and Child Health and Birth Service Center of Changshou District said, "No matter which method you choose to solve the problem, the hospital has the corresponding plan."

"The hospital asked us to make choices by ourselves. They prefer to suggest that we do not want, but this child is very difficult to come. We do n’t know how to make this choice at all. My wife is now unstable.Someone took care of it, and when she said this was crying, there was no way to talk to outsiders. "Mr. Zeng also said very painfully.

A person in the medical industry in Chongqing told the cover news that the entire responsibility of the whole thing should be borne by the hospital.In the current situation where the intelligent level of hospitals is generally improved, the situation of wrong medicines can basically judge the management of the hospital’s pharmacy.The conclusions were concluded after making full investigations.He infer that the most stressful "must be the pharmacist and the entire pharmaceutical department".In addition, the industry insiders also said that Ms. Fu’s killing of the fetus is the best result for the hospital.

Liu Xiaocan, Chongqing Leili Law Firm, said that the incident can basically be determined to be a medical accident. "This type of civil dispute is to apologize and make economic compensation.To determine, the two sides and even the competent authorities will be negotiated together. "

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