Citizens of the sky -high river shrimp call "can’t afford"

Yesterday, Tangjiawan, Ninghai East Road, Ningbo Road, Madang Road and other major vegetable fields were sold, but the price was very expensive.At the Ninghai East Road cuisine, 60 yuan per catty is the cheapest, but because it is too small, it tastes very laborious.One of the stalls selling river shrimp is pretty good. When he stepped forward, the reporter was told that the lowest price was 100 yuan/jin.The two aquatic stalls next door told reporters that there are very few people who buy 100 yuan/catties of river shrimp, so they dare not buy.

A elderly woman hesitated with her hands with her hands: "It’s too expensive. After having a child, the daughter -in -law wants to eat river shrimp, and buy three or two in 85 yuan per catty." The old woman then told reporters thatShe wanted to buy a pound, but she didn’t expect to hang out the sky price. She could only buy a little less and solve her daughter -in -law.

A stall owner of the Tangjiawan vegetable farm told reporters that at the peak of the river shrimp, the river shrimp sold at more than 80 pounds or even more than 100 pounds every day, but now he can only sell 20 or 30 pounds."Most of the citizens who come to buy river shrimp are citizens who are sick, pregnancy, and petitioners, and some are bought for their children. Generally, families rarely consume. They are still selling river shrimp because they are expensive.Many citizens still like to eat river shrimp very much. "

Reduced breeding area to high prices high

After further understanding, the reporter found that compared with river shrimp, other shrimp is relatively cheap, such as grass shrimp and base encapsulation shrimp, which sells 70-80 yuan per catty, and white rice shrimp is only sold for more than 30 yuan per catty."The amount of shrimp on the market in April each year is small, but this year the river shrimp is particularly less expensive. River shrimp 100 yuan/catties of previous years generally only appeared during the Spring Festival." Industry insiders estimate that the price of river shrimp in April this year is compared to the price of river shrimp compared to the price compared to the price of the river shrimp is compared to the price than the price of river shrimp is compared to the price than the price of river shrimp is compared to the price of the river shrimp compared to the price compared to the price of the shrimp than in April this year. 30-60%higher than the same period last year.

The head of the Qingpu District Aquatic Products Technology Promotion Station reported that at present, the wholesale price of river shrimp is 40-55 yuan per catty. When it comes to the retail market, the general price will be doubled.He analyzed that the price of river shrimp this year is expensive. One is because of major engineering projects and returning farmland to return fields, which led to a large area of Qingpu fish ponds shrinking in area and a large reduction in the area of river shrimp. The other reason was that farmers themselves were unwilling to raise river shrimp.

He explained that river shrimp, also known as Japanese marsh shrimp, has small pests and small risks during breeding, but it is small. In addition to the high output of the hot days, the output is low in other times and the overall benefits are not good.(Grand Head Shrimp) Although high -risk, high -efficiency, breeding households would rather raise South America’s shrimp and Rochena shrimp and do not want to raise river shrimp. This year’s situation is more common and prominent.At present, they are discussing countermeasures to allow citizens to eat this traditional brand aquatic products in the off -season.(This article is transferred from []. If there is a copyright issue, please contact

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