Cold, "Eryang" cough not only relieve symptoms, can be used with flowers to cough tablets

Recently, many people suffer from colds and influenza, and cough symptoms occur.Due to the emergence of the "Eryang" situation, some patients also started to worry about whether they were infected.In fact, whether it is a cold or influenza, or the cough symptoms that occur after the "Eryang", although the disease is different, they are all respiratory infections. Coughing is exactly the common symptoms of this

When the respiratory system is invaded by the pathogen (such as influenza virus and new coronal virus), the mucosal glands will be swollen, which will cause too much mucus, stimulate the protective reflex of the human body to cough, and show a series of coughSymptoms of sputum.As for some people who do not heal for a long time, it is because the virus infection will cause a wide range of inflammatory response, while causing epithelial damage of the respiratory tract, and these inflammation and damage will take a certain time to recover. Thereforetime.

For cough symptoms caused by respiratory diseases, it can help exhaust the airway mucus by relieving cough and phlegm drugs to achieve the purpose of improving symptoms and controlling the condition.For example, Chinese medicines commonly used in clinical use of flowers and cough tablets have a triple effect of clearing the lungs, relieving cough, and phlegm.

Lianhua Qing cough tablets merge the Eastern Han Dynasty Zhang Zhongjing Ma Xingshi Gan Tang Xuanfeng and the lungs of the lungs and the Ming Dynasty Ye Wenling Qing Jinhua phlegm soup Qing heat and reduced phlegm.The series of studies have confirmed that in response to respiratory diseases such as colds, flu, and new coronal virus infections, even flowers can significantly improve the symptoms of cough and sputum in patients, improve respiratory function, and reduce lung damage.

In the influenza and new crown epidemic in recent years, the effects of even cough and phlegm and cough have been clinically verified.For example, in Hebei, Chongqing, Shaanxi, Sichuan, and other provinces and cities, the latest release of the influenza traditional Chinese medicine prevention and control plan for the influenza of Huaqing cough tablets in the later stage of Huaqing cough tablets can be recommended.In response to the new crown cough, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s "Guidelines for the Intervention of Chinese Medicine Intervention in the New Crown Virus Infertility" and the new crown Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment plan and home guidelines of more than ten provinces and cities have recommended even flowers.The number of cough treatment of Shingo can quickly reduce the number of cough and sputum at the unit time. Studies have shown that its clinical symptoms have reached 98.61%.Moreover, the World Federation of Popularity Prevention and Control Plan for Children’s New Correction Virus Infection is also included.In addition, it is a pure Chinese medicine preparation. It is safer without drug dependence and can be taken with confidence under the guidance of a doctor.

In addition, after the symptoms of cough, you need to pay attention to the light diet, eat less spicy and irritating food, and you cannot exercise violently, so as not to induce severe cough.At the same time, wearing a mask should be worn to avoid the stimulation of the outside dust, thereby aggravating the symptoms of cough.

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