Cold hands and feet, do not prevent getting up early to eat ginger

The saying that ordinary people have circulated in this saying that eating radish in winter and ginger in summer, without the need for doctors to prescribe prescriptions. In the hot summer, ginger is hot, and it is hot in summer. Why should you eat ginger?

This is the truth here. Medical Saint Zhang Zhongjing said in "Treatment of Febrile Treatment of Febrile Differential": "In May, Yang Qi was on the surface, the stomach was cold, and the yang was slightly inside.Therefore, you want to restore clothes. "The temperature in summer is high, exceeding the body temperature, the body surface heat dissipation, the body’s blood and blood will be concentrated on the body surface, the visceral and blood will be relatively small, the body will be relatively cold, the heat is hot, and people are greedy for cool.I like to eat ice and drink cold, and stay in the air -conditioned room for a long time.This is why it is easy to get thirsty due to summer heat, but it is also easy to diarrhea. In summer, hot foods are more cold than usual, colder in their bodies, and people’s yang is vulnerable to cold evils inside.Therefore, eating some ginger in summer, boost yang, make the internal organs warm, and help maintain the health of the spleen and stomach.

There are such parts of comrades, especially middle -aged and elderly people. When the weather is cold, the hands and feet are cold. Even in the summer, the hands and feet are not particularly warm.Even in a hot summer, he is used to wearing gloves or thick cotton socks.Of course, this cannot solve the problem.How can there be such a phenomenon?According to Western medicine, the cycle is not good, and the microcirculation is not good.TCM says that this reason is mainly because of lack of qi and blood, or yang qi deficiency, not enough to reach the hands and feet that is relatively long.The cause of lack of qi and blood is mainly because of yang qi deficiency, mainly because of heart yang deficiency.

Traditional Chinese medicine says that the heart is yang, the main yang, the main yang, the heart is the master of the five internal organs, the main blood of the heart.What is Xinyang?Xinyang refers to the role of warmth, promotion, and excitement in heart qi.Most of the heart yang deficiency developed from the deficiency of the heart.The heart qi is deficient, the blood is not running smoothly, it is easy to chest tightness and hold the breath.In addition, the bride is not enough, which has greatly affected the warmth of the whole body.It will be chill and cold, and the hands and feet are cold.Women belong to yin and men are yang, so women are more cold, so they will easily appear heart yang deficiency.There will be cold hands and feet.

What should I do if my hands and feet are cold?Of course, to boost the heart yang, nourish the heart, what kind of food is to nourish the mind?chili.Dried jujube ginger, cinnamon helps Yang to nourish his heart.

Today, I recommend a home -based food therapy. It is the effect of vinegar soaked ginger and ginger ginger.You can also use it to sweat to treat colds, or you can use it to declare yang to raise yang.Vinegar soaked ginger because of the sourness of vinegar and has a certain convergence effect, which will make the ginger’s dryness more peaceful.

Ginger slices can be eaten 2 to 3 tablets a day after vinegar. The time for eating ginger is particularly particular. Ginger uses to give birth to yang. It is best to eat it in the morning.Because the plan of the day lies in the morning, the morning is the best time for Yang Qi. At this time, eating ginger slices can help the yang to boost the yang, and it can also boost the spirit.In the evening, we try to eat less ginger as much as possible, because we have to converge the yang at night, eat ginger hair to disperse yang, it will be particularly excited, which is not conducive to sleep.

Therefore, getting up early to eat ginger, good health, hot summer, getting up early to eat ginger, it is precisely the great wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine in winter diseases, the unity of heaven and man, and cherishing!In the Song Dynasty Wen Hao Su Shi said in "Dongpo Miscellaneous Ji": "Yu Xi Jianjian Qiantang, You Jingci Temple, there is a monk Satoshi King in the public, more than 80 years old, Yan Ruwan, his eyes are bright. Ask his health.Tao, answer: ‘For more than 40 years of ginger, so it is not old. "

Eat some ginger. Eating this summer can still be prolonged!Don’t write anymore, buy ginger too!IntersectionIntersection

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